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How To Raise Poultry

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“That's Right, This Is A Beginner's And Advanced Farmers Guide To Raising Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl, Quail, Chickens, Plus Pigeons Easily And Avoid Costly Mistakes That Poultry Owners
Are Prone To!"



Name: Gerard Dawn


Dear Poultry Farmer,

You've been searching around for information on how to raise poultry, but you not finding enough guidelines to get you started? Or you have some questions you need answers to when raising poultry? Well look no further because I've got the answers to all questions you may have to raising your own healthy poultry.

Many years ago families relied on the ability to grow their own poultry. Today many families have moved away from this lifestyle and the secrets to the care of poultry have been greatly diminished.

Poultry are popular. Hardly a week seems to go by without a magazine or newspaper carrying an article about another celebrity's new-found love of keeping poultry.

Not since the heady days of the 1850s, when 'hen fever' was at its height and people vied with each other to purchases new breeds of poultry for enormous sums of money, have our feathery friends been so in demand.

For those people who had been quietly keeping poultry for many years, it initially came as something of a shock to discover more and more people deciding that they wished to add poultry keeping into their lives. After all, prior to all this recent interest, they had been classed as the add ones out!

One of the reasons for this rise in popularity stems from the fact that people have realized that they need to become more curious as to how their food is produced. Added to this is the growing awareness of the large distances most food has traveled to reach our plates.


The Benefits Of Raising Poultry...

Organic Eggs And Meat - If you are into eating healthy, you may have heard about store-bought eggs and insecticides resulting in worldwide Fipronil contamination. Having your own supply of fresh, organic eggs is a good alternative to avoid being affected by similar contaminations. It's meat is delicious and healthy too.

Free Fertilizer - If you have a garden or some green grass in your farm or backyard poultry birds can help you out with their poop. Poultry pop is a fertilizer that is full of nutrients that can help fertilize your garden. In fact, poultry pop been classed as one of the best and most desirable fertilizer for your garden.

Great Pest Control - Talking about your garden, poultry could be your garden’s pest guard. They are omnivores meaning they can eat anything from vegetables, grass, grubs, bugs, and other pests. This makes them the ideal natural pest control. This is a huge benefit of poultry when coming to protecting your garden from insects.

They Can Assist You in The Garden - Along with controlling pests, poutry birds are experts at pulling out weeds. If you choose to raise poultry on free-range, you can keep both your birds and your garden healthier. The birds will peck all day and eat a lot of weeds and crabgrass thus clearing your garden.

Extra Income - Even with a small flock of poultry, you’re always going to get an overflow of meat and eggs. Depending on the size of your flock, it’s an ideal way of earning some extra income. You can sell the produce to your neighbors or at your local farmer’s market.

Cut Down on Kitchen Waste - It is known that poultry birds like to eat, and they consume pretty much anything. Kitchen scraps make good poultry feed. You can feed your poultry your leftover oatmeal, bread crusts and vegetable scraps.

As you see there are lots of benefits as to why one would want to raise their own poultry. When done right poultry farming can be very rewarding and can bring some good profits as well. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes. So read on...


Raising Poultry Is Rewarding.

There's no doubt that poultry farming is rewarding that's why it's considered as a multi-billion dollar industry because the demand for poultry produce is ever growing.

As a beginner farmer you may think it is impossible to learn to how to care for poultry correctly, but it is not. You too, however, can easily learn how to care for poultry in order to reach your goals.

Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a fortune to discover the secrets of successful care of poultry, however. Instead of spending a fortune on so-called experts or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to achieve your goals.

Now there’s good news ....

I won’t deny that there are a ton of books out there on the elements of the care of poultry. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject is that they are either filled with plenty of promises, no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed.


Introducing the...

How To Raise Poultry Birds!

The How To Raise Poultry EbookWhen people move from the city life to live in the country side they get interested in raising poultry.

The reasons may vary as to why people want to raise poultry, some people raise them as pets and some raise them because they want to make some money by selling the poultry produce.

Since the primitive ages, people have been keeping domestic animals in their farms as a source of food. Ever since then, various scientific and organic methods are introduced and animal farming has become a lucrative method of earning money.

In the case of poultry farming, basically it is a scientific method of raising ducks, chicken, turkeys, ostriches and some other birds for their eggs or fowl.

There are two ways of doing business in poultry farming, one is to breed fleshy poultry to be sold as meat product, and the other is to breed for the eggs.

People prefer poultry meat- especially those of chicken or roosters- to other kinds of meat, because poultry meat comes in an affordable price, while providing all the essential minerals and vitamins for the human body. As for the eggs, scientific development has helped to increase yield by improving both the quantity and quality of the eggs.

The best part of poultry farming is that start up investment is not high. The basic equipments include a coop for the poultry birds, a breeding area, a hatchery and a slaughterhouse.

The owner must possess the knowledge of scheduling, different types of feeding, workings of the various medicines and breeding procedures etc. Balancing the profit and expenditure would also be essential in order to build a successful business. Data processing software is good investment as well should the finance permits.

"How To Raise Poultry" breaks the mold of all the other books you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn how to care for poultry. 


With this guide you will discover how to successfully raise:

 TurkeysRaise Turkeys

The turkey is a large bird, native to North America. It is distinguished by its white plumage and a bare wattled neck and head. The name turkey was first applied to the guinea fowl that was thought to have originated in Turkey.

However, the American turkey is a quite different species from the guinea fowl, though the name remained. In fact, the wild turkey was a staple food in the North American diet.

There are three stages in Raising Turkeys: the breeder farm, the hatchery and the turkey farm. The breeder farm is the place where the hen lays the eggs. These eggs are collected and sent to the hatchery.

Today, many advances have been made in the genetics of turkeys. This has helped to increase the size of the bird with lesser feed and in lesser time. The white broad-breasted turkey has been the most common commercially raised turkey breed, since the 1960s.

Turkeys take around 4-5 months to grow to full size. Birds less than 8 months of age are known as young turkeys. The hen turkeys take 16 weeks to mature completely, and average around 8 to 16 lbs in weight.

In detail you will learn:  

The General History About Domestic Turkeys
Getting Started In Raising Turkeys
Different Turkey Sizes And Breeds
The Different Kinds Of Turkey Breeds
The Living Conditions Suitable for Turkeys
How To Take Care Of A Newborn Turkeys
Raising Turkeys for Meat
Requirements Needed For Breeding Meat Turkeys
Turkey Price and Meat Content
Raising Turkeys for Egg Production
Egg Gathering and Storage
Turkey Gestation and Life Expectancy
Turkey Grooming and Separating the Sexes
Artificial Brooding Of Poults
How To Build A Proper Turkey House
Turkey Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
Raising Turkeys For Profit


 DucksRaise Ducks

Raising ducks has become more popular. Ducks can bring interest and variety to your life. Ducks can be a good source of income too. People raise them for meat or for eggs. Whatever your reasons, this guide will help you learn how to raise ducks.

The first thing to consider is your duck breed. Peking ducks are the most popular. People often visualize this white duck as the stereotype whenever they plan on raising ducks.

However, there are other duck breeds that you can prefer. Another breed, the Rouen duck breed is also popular. The Muscovy duck is a good choice for pasture. Ornamental duck breeds like Wood Ducks and Mandarin Ducks are also good choices. You can always check a good guide on how to raise ducks whenever you encounter any issues.

Duck eggs may take about 28-30 days to hatch. They hatch longer than chickens. Other breeds like the Muscovy duck, may take up to 35 days before the eggs begin hatching.

Chick feeds can be use as an alternative when feeding your ducklings. They are high in protein and will aid the growth of your ducks. Once they grow, you can use grower feeds for chicken.

In detail you will learn: 

The Origins Of Ducks
The Anatomy Of Ducks
The Advantages Of Raising Ducks
Raising Ducks For Produce
Choosing A Place To Raise Ducks
Choosing A Breed To Raise
The Different Duck Breeds
Difference Between Male and Female Ducks
Steps To Buying Ducks
Duck Rearing Essentials
Hatching And Nesting
Raising Ducks For Eggs
Raising Ducks For Meat
How To Take Care Of Ducklings
How To Take Care Of Adult Ducks
Duck Maintenance Tips
How To Handle Your Ducks
Pinioning Of Ducks
Taking Care Of Ducks In Different Weather
Dealing With The Behaviors of Ducks
Common Duck Diseases And Treatments


 GeeseRaise Geese

Raising geese is one of the most highly notable endeavors in the industry of farming. It may be hard at first, but then again most farming activities are hard.

Raising geese, however, has a string of rewards that no other poultry-related business or hobby can offer. Indeed, geese farming is something that must be tried, if only to experience the joy that comes with it.

The basics of geese farming first involves the choosing of the right goose breed that will match one's intention for raising and rearing geese in the first place. There are goose breeds that are better for hobby purposes, and there are some that are ideal for profit-making.

Geese farming must be done in a wide track of land. About an acre - or more if possible - is considered good enough by poultry experts, but only if the geese to be raised do not exceed twenty. Otherwise, it's highly suggested to transfer somewhere with a bigger land area.

In detail you will learn: 

How to Get Started In Raising Geese
The Different Kinds Of Geese Breeds
How to Choose the Right Geese Breed
How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Geese
How To Keep Geese For Eggs Or Meat
Learn About Geese Hatching A Nesting
How To Take Care Of Goslings
How To Feed And Care For Your Geese
The Grazing and Weeding Of Geese
Managing Urban Geese
How To Take Care Of Geese In Different Weather
How To Prevent And Treat Geese Diseases
Learn About Pinioning Your Geese
Steps To Dealing With Geese Predators


 Guinea FowlRaise Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl can be not only great pets, but also quite profitable in the long run to have. Guinea fowl are unique in their behavior, appearance, and personalities. If this is your first experience with raising guinea fowl you'll want to start out small. A small "flock" and coop are best until you get into the swing of things.

Guinea fowl farming has many advantages. They are smaller sized birds. So they require less food, less living space and less capital for raising commercially. Guinea fowl meat and eggs are very suitable for human health, and also have medicinal value.

Guinea fowl require a very little space for living. So housing costs are less in guinea fowl rearing. Feeding costs also less in guinea fowl farming business. Because guinea fowl are smaller sized bird and require a little amount of foods.

Guinea fowl rearing require less capital for starting. You can start this business, even if you have a little capital. Female quails start laying eggs faster than any other poultry birds. Usually they start laying eggs within their 6 to 7 weeks of age. Broiler guinea fowl also grow faster and become suitable for marketing purpose fast.

In detail you will learn:  

Getting Started With Raising Guinea Fowl
The Origin And Distribution Of Guinea Fowls
Different Types Of Guinea Fowls
Characteristics Of A Guinea Fowl
The Various Rearing Systems
Distinguishing Guinea Cocks From Hens
Management Of Breeding Stock
Guidelines to Guinea Fowl Feeding
Raising Guinea Fowl For Meat
Raising Guinea Fowl For Egg Prodution
Steps To Incubating Your Eggs
How To Manage Your Guinea Fowl
Health Inside the Guinea Fowl Coop
How To Market Your Products
The Right Supplements For Optimum Health
Guinea Fowl Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


 QuailRaise Quail

Raising quail is inexpensive, easy, provides very healthy low-fat white meat, and supplies the fertilizer you need for your garden. The moderate start-up costs for raising quail are well worth it. It you are considering going into the business of raising quail or you are already in the business, you have one major objective, to make a profit.

For people who want to take their raising quail hobby to the next level of producing and marketing large numbers as a business, there is a huge market for them out there right now. The cost of feed and supplies is minimal considering all the meat and eggs you get for your efforts.

Raising Quail however does require more than just feed and equipment. It also requires a commitment by you, to keep a clean and healthy environment. When raising quail, disease is your biggest enemy. Studies in this area have found that 80% of all quail mortality could have been prevented with proper management.

Beginners should start with the Coturnix quail. The Japanese or Coturnix quail are the fastest growing and reproducing birds. They are also the best specie of quail to raise for meat and eggs. These quail possess a remarkable resistance to disease, start laying at six weeks of age, and can be consumed at four to five weeks of age.

In detail you will learn:  

How To Get Started In Raising Quails
Why Quail Farming Is Lucrative Investment
The Different Breeds of Quails
How to Proper Select a Breed of Quails
Proper Quail Houses
Quail House Plans
Health Inside the Quail Coop
Guidelines to Quail Feeding
Raising Quails For Meat And Eggs
How to Get the Eggs
How to Hatch the Chicks
How to Grow and Feed the Chicks
Care of the Growing Chicks
Beak Trimming Your Birds
The Proper Way To Brooding Quails
When to Slaughter Your Quails
The Right Supplements For Optimum Health
Quail Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment



All over the country you can hear the gentle clucking of millions of chickens as they scratch around in the backyard. What is going on?

It seems that raising chickens has become an extremely popular pastime in many households, where these feathered ladies strut their stuff, to the amusement of the family who have probably just enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fresh, healthy, wholesome eggs.

It is fact that raising chickens is no longer the preserve of the country dwellers, in fact, "urban warriors" have taken to keeping chickens in their thousands. Maybe it is the promise of all those lovely eggs or possibly a succulent roast chicken dinner or maybe it is because people have found that chickens actually make appealing pets. Perhaps it is all three reasons.

Whatever the incentive, keeping chickens in the backyard has gained rapidly in popularity and there is very good reason for this. The slump in the economy and the growing awareness of the benefits of "green" living have probably been major factors but when you do some research, you will find that there are many other benefits that raising chickens in your backyard can offer.

In detail you will learn: 

The Origins Of Chickens
Anatomy of the Chicken
Raising Chickens For Produce
The Different Chicken Breeds
Breeds For Meat Production
Breeds For Egg Production
The Right Chicken Housing
Chicken Coop Plans
Health Inside the Chicken Coop
Chicken Housing Equipment
Raising Broiler Chickens
How to Get the Eggs
Brooding And Raising The Chicks
Care of the Growing Chicks
The Right Nutrition
The Right Feeding Methods
When to Slaughter Your Chickens
Chicken Health Care
Hatching And Raising Chicks
Improving Local Chickens
Chicken Products And By-Products
Keeping Chicken Farm Records
Diseases, Symptoms And Treatments



Pigeon farming is a very popular and profitable business venture. People mainly raise pigeons for sale. Pigeon meat is too much testy and full of protein, and the eggs are highly nutritous too.

In the past wild pigeons were available in forest and bird hunters used pigeon traps to catch them. Besides meat supply pigeons increase the beauty of a place. In many regions racing pigeons are highly demandable.

Wild pigeons can meet the demand for meat, but for the other reasons pigeon farming is important.

Pigeon farming is not so difficult job, anyone can do this. Pigeon is a very good pet bird. They don’t like to leave their house. A pigeon farm needs an open place for their moving.

Pigeon house requires a very little space; normally for a couple, a room with 12 x 12 x 10 inch dimension is quite enough. In a pigeon farm a large number of houses are made and kept side by side, and also one over another.

In detail you will learn: 

How To Get Started In Raising Pigeons
Why Get Into Pigeon Farming?
The Different Breeds of Pigeons
The Live Weights of Adult Birds
How to Proper Select a Breed of Pigeons
Proper Pigeon Houses
Pigeon House Plans
Health Inside the Pigeons Coop
Guidelines to Pigeon Feeding
How to Get the Eggs
How to Hatch the Chicks
How to Grow and Feed the Chicks
Care of the Growing Chicks
Raising Pigeons for Meat (squabs)
When to Slaughter Your Pigeons
Making Money Raising Pigeons
The Right Supplements For Optimum Health
Pigeon Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


And you will get a complete resource that guides you to where you can order your various poultry and equipment at low prices!


It's All About Profitable Poultry

I'm sure the reason why you came to this website and are still reading is because you also want to raise profitable poultry, well look no further cause this ebook only guides you on raising profitable poultry.

The poultry you will raise using the guidelines in this ebook will be profitable to you and will get some good returns in investment not forgetting passive income for years to come, which will pass on to your kids and grand-kids. And it can begin now by you talking this first step and getting your copy of "How To Raise Poultry".

You will save a lot of money from buying farm produce such as meat and eggs when you own poultry farm. Poultry farming is a great way to feeding your family with fresh un-processed meat because you can raise your own poultry for production. And since these poultry are yours you can feed them with only healthy feed to make sure they produce quality products.

Poultry can be raised in two ways, the commercial way or organic (traditional) way. Since a lot of people are now turning to eating organic foods most farmers are now raising their poultry the organic way. Organic meat is healthier than commercially produced meat which is why people like it. It also tastes a lot better. This ebook also covers how to raise your Poultry the organic way. It's all about poultry farming.


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Hello Sir,

I would like to let you know that your ebook has helped me save a lot in buying books on raising various types of poultry.

When I started raising turkeys I went to a local farming seminar which cost me over $300 to attend and at the end of the seminar I had to buy a turkey handbook which cost $76.

Later last month I decided to start raising pigeons as well but just wasn't prepared to spend money again on seminars, I knew that there must be cheaper training.

When searching online for a guide to raising pigeons I came across your ebook. And since it teaches how to raise various poultry including pigeons at a fraction of the cost of the seminar I attended in only raising turkeys, I didn't think twice but to get a copy.

I must say that your ebook does over deliver, it has all in the information they taught us in that raising turkeys seminar. Amazing!

I'm so excited now because I got all the guidelines and reference to raise pigeons, quail, chickens and guinea fowl just from your ebook. I don't have to spend money in attending seminars or buying individual books.

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"My Only Poultry Reference"

Hi Gerard,

When I received the email from you asking me of my feedback I just had to reply you and let you know that your ebook has become my only reference.

I don't think I'll ever need another book in taking care of poultry because your ONE ebook has all the information and guidelines in raising different types of poultry.

Each time I run into difficulty with my birds or want to be double clear if what I'm doing is right, I find guidance to the problem in this ebook. Raising, care, shelter, diseases and treatment is all included. All in one reference!

Accept my thanks!

Lexi Macnane


"A Good Poultry Foundation"

All I can say to a person who is still thinking of getting this poultry ebook that I highly recommend you do.

I'm an advanced poultry farmer with years of experience and I learned to be a successful farmer the hard way. I had lots of birds dying at a young age and through diseases that I never knew anything about. And that has cost me a lot. There's a time I sort of regretted being a farmer because I felt it was such a hustle and the return in investment was minimal. 

I came across your ebook when looking for treatment for one my quail that persistently failed to breed and bear young. It was now 2 years and I knew that I had to find a solution.

Reading that your ebook gives guidelines on raising quail as well I just had to get a copy. After reading a few chapters, how I wished I had gotten it earlier. All the problems I faced in my novice years are covered. I even found the solution of how to treat my quail not bearing young in your ebook. Its suitable for a beginner and advanced farmer.

I've always had second thoughts in raising guineafowl and chickens because of the bad experience I got from raising quail. But now its not the same, I'm starting with geese, then ducks later next year using your ebook as reference.


Mr R. Johnson

You can't blame me for strongly believing in my poultry ebook. I get a lot of feedback from poultry farmers thanking me and giving me insights on how their poultry farm is growing. I'm now waiting for yours.

You see, beginner poultry farmers face a lot of difficulties when raising poultry. Poultry is not that difficult to raise if you know how to. The reason why some beginner farmers fail in raising these poultry is because they don't have enough research on how to raise healthy poultry.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step poultry farming plan that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive Poultry training course once you have this guide in your disposal.

But that's not all because when you get your copy of "How To Raise Poultry" you will also receive...

Detailed Guide #1 

Poultry Feeding And Equipment

Poultry usually need nutritious food regularly to be healthy, happy and contended.

A diet that is high in energy, low in fiber and supplemented with ample of protein is considered ideal and wholesome to ensure the upward and steady growth your Poultry.

Poultry can not be called poultry unless they love to eat. Their feeding habits are characterized with rooting and pleading for more food and eating food with a great gusto and relish.

However, in spite of your birds being constantly obsessed with the idea of eating food, it does not mean you submit to its obsession.

There is a specific and regulated pattern of feeding and eating habits for your birds and before you give your birds that extra morsel of food, ponder again!

With this ebook you will discover:

 Healthy Poultry Feeding

 Poultry Natural Diet

 Organic Poultry Feed

 Poultry Feeding Chart

 Poultry Feeding Equipment

This is a must have guide for every farmer who wants to proper feed their poultry, it's a complete ebook to healthy poultry farming that will ensure that you feed your poultry the right nutrients from a young age.


Detailed Guide #2 

Poultry Housing And Shelter

When just beginning in raising poultry the first thing you have to prepare is land and housing.

Raising poultry requires you to build a proper house for them. The housing provides the birds with shade from the hot sun and keeps them warm in the winter.

Poultry house can be designed using wire, fencing hardware and hay. And house should be well ventilated as well and be kept clean.

Believe it or not but some birds are clean animals and don't like to defecate their own pens but that doesn't mean you can't help them out.

With this ebook you will discover:

 Poultry Housing Requirements

 Poultry Odor Control

 Poultry Housing Types (with measurements)

 Poultry Housing Systems

 Poultry House Equipment

With "Poultry Housing And Shelter" you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to proper house your poultry. You will get all the different options to housing and the required equipment for poultry farming. 


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If You Serious About Raising Profitable Poultry
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The cost of living these days is very high and people are looking for ways to save some money at the same time are looking for ways to make some extra income.

Raising your very own poultry is a great way to provide your family with fresh quality products like meat and eggs. On the other hand Poultry farming is a great way to make some money since you can sell the produce for some good profits.

If you serious on becoming a productive poultry farmer then don't leave this page without getting your copy of this guide.


"I Just Moved To The Country Side"

Hi Gerard!

I'm so glad I got a copy of your ebook. I just moved to the country side and have had a big interest in poultry ever since I was a town person.

I've always admired nature and birds that I promised myself that once I move to the country side I will raise poultry.

I knew that there is lots of work required to be a poultry farmer, but your ebook has made it look so simple. I mean everything is there about raising the various poultry.

It goes into detail about the forms of poultry, feeding, care and diseases that effect the various birds. Not forgetting how to treat those diseases as well. What more would a town person like me want.

There are some ready amazing facts as well with these poultry, especially when raising ducks. As soon as I settle down I'll start raising a few poultry, maybe first start with pigeons and chickens because they seem a little easily to raise. Then with time I will add other poultry like some quail and geese.

And with your ebook as my reference I'm sure prepared and looking forward to it. Will let you know of my proceedings.

Thank You!

Mr. Jerry Lornda


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

When it comes to raising poultry, it is very important that you know what you are doing so to avoid failures. You have to know how to feed and give proper shelter for your poultry. You will have to know how to early notice and treat different types of health matters and diseases that will be of harm to your birds.

And when it come to poultry this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy poultry. It's a complete guide to being a successful poultry farmer. So if you want to raise any type of poultry listed in this site, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference. There's no better time to get into this market as a poultry farmer than now.


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P.P.S In almost all corners of the world, poultry provide such produce as meat, eggs, and feathers. These foods contain large measures of minerals such as protein that can benefit people who are consuming these leading reasons for. It builds new tissue and maintains and repairs old tissue in a person's body. Animal produce also supply minerals and minerals that individuals need for better health.

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How To Raise Poultry - Which will guide me on how to raise various types of profitable poultry in my very own farm. I will discover how to care for them and profit from their produce.

Poultry Feeding And Equipment - This is a complete ebook on how to proper feed my various Poultry and make sure they get enough nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Poultry Housing And Shelter - With this ebook I will get guidelines with dimensions on how to build and proper house my poultry making sure they are well protected.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Poultry Hard To Raise?

Poultry are small and sometimes belligerent birds. If you have no prior poultry handling experience, you may underestimate the difficulty in raising these domestic livestock , but once you get used to poultry, it can be easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise Poultry?

The costs of raising poultry depends on the number of birds you want to raise. But one thing for sure you have to prepare money to build some shelter and buy feed for your birds.

Is Raising Poultry A Good Investment?

When done right, poultry farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of livestock farming, poultry production involves substantial capital investment and some risks. Raising poultry successfully also requires daily attention.