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How To Raise Edible Fish

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“That's Right, This Is A Beginner's And Advanced Farmers Guide To Raising Tilapia, Catfish, Rainbow Trout Plus Salmon Easily And Avoid Costly Mistakes That Fish Owners Are Prone To!"



Name: Gerard Dawn


Dear Edible Farmer,

You've been searching around for information on how to raise edible fish, but you not finding enough guidelines to get you started? Or you have some questions you need answers to when raising edible fish? Well look no further because I've got the answers to all questions you may have to raising your own healthy edible fish.

Many years ago families relied on the ability to grow their own edible fish. Today many families have moved away from this lifestyle and the secrets to the care of fish have been greatly diminished.

When it comes to farming, a person usually doesn't think of farming fish. Fish farming is actually a huge industry in the United States and the rest of the world.

There are two different types of farms. The first type, which is called extensive aquaculture, the fish are raised in a controlled area (usually pond like area's) and are fed food pellets as the primary food source. If you are ever passing through Missouri or Arkansas, keep an eye peeled for local fish farms.

The second type of fish farming is called intensive aquaculture. This type of farming is done in a less controlled body of water and the fish are fed naturally.


The Benefits Of Raising Edible Fish...

Healthy Diet - Fish is a high quality low-fat protein filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2. It is rich in phosphorus and calcium and a good source of minerals, such as iodine, iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. It is recommended to eat fish at least twice a week as part of a healthy diet. The proteins, vitamins, and nutrients found in fish can lower blood pressure and help in reducing the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Brain And Healthy Heart - Consuming fish is a vital source of omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help keep your heart and brain healthy. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the 2 omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in every sort of fish, but especially high in fatty fish. Some good choices are canned light tuna, salmon, herring, rainbow trout, sardines and canned mackerel.

Cultural Importance - In the Washington State fish is an important cultural icon that defines a recreational as plus a spiritual way of life in the Pacific Northwest. They are not only a vital source of nutrition, the act of catching, preparing, and consuming fish are important cultural and family practices as well. To the Native American Indian Tribes of Washington, salmon is an integral part of their lives, and serve as a symbol of their culture, prosperity and heritage.

As you see there are lots of benefits as to why one would want to raise their own fish. When done right fish farming can be very rewarding and can bring some good profits as well. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes. So read on...


Raising Edible Fish Is Rewarding.

There's no doubt that edible fish farming is rewarding that's why it's considered as a multi-billion dollar industry because the demand for fish produce is ever growing.

As a beginner farmer you may think it is impossible to learn to how to care for edible fish correctly, but it is not. You too, however, can easily learn how to care for edible fish in order to reach your goals.

Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a fortune to discover the secrets of successful care of edible fish, however. Instead of spending a fortune on so-called experts or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to achieve your goals.

Now there’s good news ....

I won’t deny that there are a ton of books out there on the elements of the care of edible fish. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject is that they are either filled with plenty of promises, no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed.



How To Raise Edible Fish!

The How To Raise Edible Fish EbookWhen people move from the city life to live in the country side they get interested in raising edible fish.

Fish farming, also called aquaculture, is one of the fastest growing areas of agriculture in the world. Most farmed fish comes from Asia, and more consumers are worried about the quality and potential hazards from imported farm raised fish. With this, and a growing demand for farm raised fish, there are more opportunities for domestic fish farming.

A major advantage to fish farming is how easy fish are to raise, compared to other animals. Even children commonly raise fish at home in a bowl or aquarium. Many people are discovering that fish farming is not much more difficult than simply scaling up what is done with a common home aquarium.

As a source of meat, fish are known for their health benefits, and they can also be easier to raise than other animals for meat. This is especially true for small scale farmers and back yard growers. Having a heard of cows or pigs in a city yard is just not practical, and in most cases not allowed. But fish are easy to get along with, take up little space, they are low key, and can be very efficient at turning feed into usable protein.

For backyard farmers, small scale fish farming can be a great hobby or even a business. Fish are great in urban areas, since they don't make noise and won't break down the fence and get into the neighbors yard. They also can be grown without a need for fertile soil or sunlight. And a commonly overlooked benefit to fish farming is the wastes the fish produce.

"How To Raise Edible Fish" breaks the mold of all the other books you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn how to care for edible fish. 


With this guide you will discover how to successfully raise:

 TilapiaRaise Tilapia

Tilapia are a spiny-finned freshwater fish that belong to the Cichlidae family and are native largely to Africa and the Middle East. They are sometimes known as St. Peter's fish based on the popular bible story about Jesus feeding a large crowd from 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread.

Tilapia are one of the most popular fish in aquaculture, which is the practice of raising aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic plants as food source. Effective tilapia farming requires that water temperatures monitoring throughout the year. The optimum temperature for growth ranges between 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tilapia's popularity in aquaculture is primarily due to their large size, and palatability. They are among the easiest and most profitable fish to farm because their omnivorous diet allows farmers to take advantage of naturally occurring food. They also have tolerance of high stocking density, prolific reproduction rates and rapid growth. (6 to 7 months to harvest size.) This makes them inexpensive to raise and able to yield large quantities of food in a limited space.

Americans consume almost 1/2 billion lbs of tilapia per year and the popularity of this fish is growing due to its non fishy taste. When eating commercially raised tilapia, it is advisable to stay with tilapia grown in the U.S. in environmentally friendly systems.

In detail you will learn:  

The History Of Tilipia Fish
Basic Biology and Ecology Of Tilipia
The Various Types Of Tilapia Fish
How To Get Started With Raising Tilapia
Choosing The Right Site To Farm Tilapia
Environmental Requirements To Consider
Semi Intensive Culture
Intensive Culture
The Right Tilapia Nutrition And Feeding
Reproduction and Seed Production
Caring And Managing Your Fish
The Right Supplements For Optimum Health
Dealing With Stress And Disease
Harvesting, Processing and Economics


 CatfishRaise Catfish

From one level of the tank to the other extreme. Catfish live on the bottom of the aquarium. It is not correct to treat catfish as scavengers, depending on them to clear up any food left by the other fish and hoping they will survive on this infrequent diet. They should be cared for like any other fish and their needs satisfied just as assiduously.

All Catfish have taste-bud equipped barbels around their mouths which enables them to locate their food as they forage around on the substrate. There is hardly any curvature to the bottom profile of their bodies and this allows them to get their underslung mouths even closer to the substrate.

It is important that the substrate is kept clean as any decomposing matter will harbour bacteria which, in turn, will cause problems to the fish. Some advocate using soft sand as substrate to lessen 'wear and tear' on the fish's barbels.

Not all Catfish have scales; some have just skin and are referred to as 'naked' whilst others are covered with hard overlapping bony plates, 'scutes'. Another feature of some species is the ability to 'lock up' the large dorsal fin; this serves the fish well as it prevents it being swallowed by a predator or being withdrawn from an underwater crevice by fishermen.

In detail you will learn: 

History Of Farm Raised Catfish
The Different Types Of Catfish
Decision to Become a Catfish Farmer
Small Scale Catfish Production
Using Existing Farm Ponds
The Economics Of Catfish Farming
Permits Required For Aquaculture
Pond Site Selection
Commercial Pond Construction
Catfish Stocking
Feeding Of Your Catfish
Production of Food Fish
Maintaining Water Quality
Dealing With Weeds
Harvesting Your Catfish
Transporting Your Catfish
Marketing And Business Management
Catfish Fish Diseases And Treatments


 Rainbow TroutRaise Rainbow Trout

Few freshwater fish can match the fighting spirit and beauty of a Rainbow Trout. The Rainbow Trout is a well-traveled species of fish.

Originally, the Rainbow Trout was found in the coastal rivers in the United States on the west coast but today, Rainbow Trout are found throughout the United States, as well as in the cold-water streams of South America, Europe, New Zealand and even Australia.

The reason for the wide range of Rainbow Trout in the U.S. is that Rainbow Trout are relatively easy to transplant. Virtually all areas that rainbow trout now inhabit are due to environmental transplants - both intentionally or unintentionally.

Regardless, Rainbow Trout are the most popular types of trout found in the world today, and are also the most sought after trout by fly fishermen because of their growing demand.

In detail you will learn: 

The History Of Rainbow Trout
Important Trout Species To Raise
How To Get Started With Rainbow Trout
What Are The Right Production Conditions
The Right Supplements For Optimum Health
Guidelines to Rainbow Trout Feeding
Production Options, Devices And Capacities
The Structures And Devices Of Water Management
How To Select The Right Site For Your Fish Farm
Implementation Of A New Trout Production Farm
Determining The Right Water Temperature
Your Production Work And Daily Tasks
Economic Calculations Of Investment
Trout Harvesting And Production
Getting The Best From Other Trout Farmers
Coping With Disease Problems


 SalmonRaise Salmon

It has been well documented as to the nutritional value of salmon. It is a high-quality source of protein, with all the essential amino acids. It is high in vitamins A, D, B6 and B2, along with niacin and riboflavin, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Plus of course the Omega-3 fish oils, which are polyunsaturated and have been shown to have greater healing effects than the Omega-6 oils found in vegetable oils. Add in the fact that it is very easy to digest and it is no wonder dieticians refer to it as a miracle food.

It is undisputable that wild salmon has all the above benefits, plus quite a few that were not mentioned. But most of us, unless we eat canned Alaskan salmon, are consuming farm raised salmon.

Farm raised salmon are found to contain as much or more omega-3 fats as their free brethren. Farm raised fish have much higher amounts of omega-6 fats, and conversion enzymes are needed to convert both types of fats into forms our body can use.

So when high amounts of omega-6 is consumed with omega-3s, much of the conversion enzymes go to work on the omega-6 fats, preventing the manufacture of anti-inflammatory substances from omega-3 fats.

In detail you will learn:  

How To Get Started With Salmon Farming
The Different Types Of Salmon
The Best Type Of Salmon For Meat Production
Types Of Ponds To Farm Salmon
What Makes a Good Nursery Pond
Using Low-Cost Materials to Build Ponds
Proper Steps To Building A Commercial Salmon Pond
Determining The Water Levels Of A Good Salmon Pond
Structures That Protect Banks and Ponds
How To Deal With Acid Sulfate Soils
How Modern Salmon Farms Are Managed
Understanding the Pond Ecosystem Better
Pond Management The Right Way


And you will get a complete resource that guides you to where you can order your various fish and equipment at low prices!


It's All About Profitable Fish

I'm sure the reason why you came to this website and are still reading is because you also want to raise profitable fish, well look no further cause this ebook only guides you on raising profitable fish.

The fish you will raise using the guidelines in this ebook will be profitable to you and will get some good returns in investment not forgetting passive income for years to come, which will pass on to your kids and grand-kids. And it can begin now by you talking this first step and getting your copy of "How To Raise Edible Fish".

You will save a lot of money from buying farm produce such as fish meat when you own a fish farm. Edible fish farming is a great way to feeding your family with fresh un-processed meat because you can raise your own edible fish for production. And since these fish are yours you can feed them with only healthy feed to make sure they produce quality products.

Edible fish can be raised in two ways, the commercial way or organic (traditional) way. Since a lot of people are now turning to eating organic foods most farmers are now raising their fish the organic way. Organic meat is healthier than commercially produced meat which is why people like it. It also tastes a lot better. This ebook also covers how to raise your fish the organic way. It's all about edible fish farming.


"Look At What Other Farmers Say About
How To Raise Edible Fish!"

"You Helped Me Save A Lot"

Hello Sir,

I would like to let you know that your ebook has helped me save a lot in buying books on raising various types of edible fish.

When I started raising fish I went to a local farming seminar which cost me over $300 to attend and at the end of the seminar I had to buy a cattle handbook which cost $76.

Later last month I decided to start raising rainbow trout as well but just wasn't prepared to spend money again on seminars, I knew that there must be cheaper training.

When searching online for a guide to raising rainbow trout I came across your ebook. And since it teaches how to raise various edible fish including rainbow trout at a fraction of the cost of the seminar I attended in only raising salmon, I didn't think twice but to get a copy.

I must say that your ebook does over deliver, it has all in the information they taught us in that raising rainbow trout seminar. Amazing!

I'm so excited now because I got all the guidelines and reference to raise rainbow trout, tilapia, catfish and salmon just from your ebook. I don't have to spend money in attending seminars or buying individual books.

Thank You!

Carron Williams


"My Only Edible Fish Reference"

Hi Gerard,

When I received the email from you asking me of my feedback I just had to reply you and let you know that your ebook has become my only reference.

I don't think I'll ever need another book in taking care of edible fish because your ONE ebook has all the information and guidelines in raising different types of edible fish.

Each time I run into difficulty with my fish or want to be double clear if what I'm doing is right, I find guidance to the problem in this ebook. Raising, care, diseases and treatment is all included. All in one reference!

Accept my thanks!

Tracy Jacop


"A Good Edible Fish Foundation"

All I can say to a person who is still thinking of getting this edible fish ebook that I highly recommend you do.

I'm an advanced fish farmer with years of experience and I learned to be a successful farmer the hard way. I had lots of fish dying at a young age and through diseases that I never knew anything about. And that has cost me a lot. There's a time I sort of regretted being a farmer because I felt it was such a hustle and the return in investment was minimal. 

I came across your ebook when looking for treatment for one my fish that persistently failed to breed. It was now 2 years and I knew that I had to find a solution.

Reading that your ebook gives guidelines on raising salmon as well I just had to get a copy. After reading a few chapters, how I wished I had gotten it earlier. All the problems I faced in my novice years are covered. I even found the solution of how to treat my fish in your ebook. Its suitable for a beginner and advanced farmer.

I've always had second thoughts in raising tilapia and catfish because of the bad experience I got from raising salmon. But now its not the same, I'm starting with rainbow trout, then tilapia later next year using your ebook as reference.


Mr R. Johnson

You can't blame me for strongly believing in my fish farming ebook. I get a lot of feedback from fish farmers thanking me and giving me insights on how their fish farm is growing. I'm now waiting for yours.

You see, beginner edible fish farmers face a lot of difficulties when raising edible fish. Edible fish is not that difficult to raise if you know how to. The reason why some beginner farmers fail in raising these edible fish is because they don't have enough research on how to raise healthy fish.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step fish farming plan that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive fish farming training course once you have this guide in your disposal.

But that's not all because when you get your copy of "How To Raise Edible Fish" you will also receive...

Detailed Guide #1 

Edible Fish Feeding And Equipment

Fish usually need nutritious food regularly to be healthy, happy and contended.

A diet that is high in energy, low in fiber and supplemented with ample of protein is considered ideal and wholesome to ensure the upward and steady growth your fish.

Fish can not be called fish unless they love to eat. Their feeding habits are characterized with rooting and pleading for more food and eating food with a great gusto and relish.

However, in spite of your fish being constantly obsessed with the idea of eating food, it does not mean you submit to its obsession.

There is a specific and regulated pattern of feeding and eating habits for your fish and before you give your fish that extra morsel of food, ponder again!

With this ebook you will discover:

 Healthy Fish Feeding

 The Right Diet For Fish

 How to Make Your Own Fish Feed

 Pointers In Fish Feeding

 Fish Feeding Equipment

This is a must have guide for every farmer who wants to proper feed their fish, it's a complete ebook to healthy fish farming that will ensure that you feed your fish the right nutrients from a young age.


Detailed Guide #2 

Edible Fish Pond Design And Equipment

When just beginning in raising fish the first thing you have to prepare is pond and fish tank.

Raising fish requires you to build a proper pond for them. The pond provides the fish with water where they can swim and keeps them warm in the winter.

A fish pond can be designed using light and hard material you may already have in your farm.

The fish pond that you will farm your fish has to be in protected area so make sure predators would not consume your fish.

With this ebook you will discover:

 Fish Pond Site Selection

 Pond Design And Construction

 Managing Your Fish Pond

 Fish Culture Method

 Fish Pond Equipment

With "Fish Pond Design And Management" you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to proper build a pond for your fish. You will get all the different options to pond building and the required equipment for fish farming.  


How Much Is That Worth To You?

"How To Raise Edible Fish" retails for $267. But today we are offering it to you for only $97. All of the information on starting a fish farm is simple to understand with images to guide you. You'll never find a guide that guides to on raising various types of edible fish in one ebook.

This guide eliminates the time you will spend searching for incomplete information about raising edible fish. You don't have to purchase a guide on raising tilapia alone, then buy yet another guide on raising rainbow trout, catfish, ans salmon separately, that will cost you over $900. Just by making a one time investment of $97 you will get all you need to know on raising these various fish at a cost of the price.

You've never seen such a good offer, right? But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my... 



My 3 Month Money Back Guarantee!



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If You Serious About Raising Profitable Fish
Then This Is Your Guide

The cost of living these days is very high and people are looking for ways to save some money at the same time are looking for ways to make some extra income.

Raising your very own edible fish is a great way to provide your family with fresh quality products like meat and fish oli. On the other hand fish farming is a great way to make some money since you can sell the produce for some good profits.

If you serious on becoming a productive fish farmer then don't leave this page without getting your copy of this guide.


"I Just Moved To The Country Side"

Hi Gerard!

I'm so glad I got a copy of your ebook. I just moved to the country side and have had a big interest in raising fish ever since I was a town person.

I've always admired nature and fish that I promised myself that once I move to the country side I will raise fish.

I knew that there is lots of work required to be a fish farmer, but your ebook has made it look so simple. I mean everything is there about raising the various fish.

It goes into detail about the forms of fish, feeding, care and diseases that effect the various fish. Not forgetting how to treat those diseases as well. What more would a town person like me want.

There are some ready amazing facts as well with these fish, especially when raising salmon. As soon as I settle down I'll start raising a few fish, maybe first start with rainbow trout and salmon because they seem a little easily to raise. Then with time I will add other fish like some tilapia and catfish.

And with your ebook as my reference I'm sure prepared and looking forward to it. Will let you know of my proceedings.

Thank You!

Mr. Jerry Lornda


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

When it comes to raising edible fish, it is very important that you know what you are doing so to avoid failures. You have to know how to feed and build proper ponds for your fish. You will have to know how to early notice and treat different types of health matters and diseases that will be of harm to your fish.

And when it come to edible fish this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy fish. It's a complete guide to being a successful fish farmer. So if you want to raise any type of edible fish listed in this site, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference. There's no better time to get into this market as a fish farmer than now.


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Best Regards,

P.S. When you get your eyes on this guide you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to learn how to care for edible fish. The information in this ebook will get you started in fish farming effortlessly. But just like other hobbies there is a work required.

P.P.S In almost all corners of the world, edible fish provide such produce as meat and oil. These foods contain large measures of minerals such as protein that can benefit people who are consuming these leading reasons for. It builds new tissue and maintains and repairs old tissue in a person's body.

P.P.P.S Put yourself in this position... You've just started off in raising tilapia, now you want to move on to add salmon and catfish to increase your profitable farm, having your copy of this ebook will make all that be possible for you. All you have to do is open your ebook and get guidelines on how to raise salmon and tilapia or any other edible fish. This is your lifetime reference to raising profitable fish.

"The Next Step Is Yours". Grab this one of its kind edible fish ebook that will guide you on how to be a successful fish farmer today, don't waste anymore of your time trying to find incomplete information on raising edible fish, get your How To Raise Edible Fish just by investing in this guide...


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(Important) I understand that this is an 196 page electronic book (e-book) that is downloaded and delivered in PDF format not by mail. It can be read or printed out from any computer that has adobe reader (immediately after payment). The download link will be sent to your Paypal or Clickbank email address.

I understand that this ebook will guide me to raise healthy edible fish even if I'm an absolute beginner and haven't tried raising fish before.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following edible fish ebooks: 

How To Raise Edible Fish - Which will guide me on how to raise various types of profitable edible fish in my very own farm. I will discover how to care for them and profit from their produce.

Edible Fish Feeding And Equipment - This is a complete ebook on how to proper feed my various fish and make sure they get enough nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Fish Pond Design And Management - With this ebook I will get guidelines with dimensions on how to build a pond for my fish and make sure they are well protected.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are Edible Fish Hard To Raise?

Edible fish are small and sometimes belligerent livestock. If you have no prior fish handling experience, you may underestimate the difficulty in raising these domestic livestock, but once you get used to fish, it can be easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise Edible Fish?

The costs of raising edible fish depends on the number of fish you want to raise. But one thing for sure you have to prepare money to build a fish pond and buy feed for your fish.

Is Raising Edible Fish A Good Investment?

When done right, fish farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of livestock farming, fish production involves substantial capital investment and some risks. Raising edible fish successfully also requires daily attention.