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Name: Gerard Dawn


Dear Goat Owner Or Farmer:

You've been searching around for information on how to raise goats, but you not finding enough guidelines to get you started? Or you have some questions you need answers to when raising goats? Well look no further because I've got the answers to all questions you may have to raising your own healthy goats.

No body knows when goats where first discovered but what we know is that they are a good source of meat, milk, butter and fiber. Goat hairs and skins can be sold be as well.

Goat are known to be domestic animals with male goats called 'bucks' and females called 'does'. Since goats are sociable and curious animals a lot of people consider raising them as pets as well.

When starting out in goat farming it is very important that you get your facts right. Knowledge in what you are doing is very important in order to raise healthy goats. Raising goats is very exciting and rewarding but it depends if you have the right tools and care for your goats.

You too can grow big, healthy, profit-paying goats, if you will merely meet certain clearly defined goat requirements. If you do this, and it's easy, you need never worry about profits, you are sure to succeed.


The Benefits Of Raising Goats...

You become self-sufficient. Goats will provide you with free milk for your whole family to drink. You can also produce fresh cheese from the milk saving you a lot of money in buying daily produce.

There is no doubt that goat meat taste very nice and is consumed by a lot of people around the world. Since it's more affordable than cows meat it's demand is ever growing. You as a farmer can supply this demand and make residual income.

You can grow your own fiber when raising goats. Cashmere goats produce cashmere, Angora and Pygora goats produce mohair, and crosses between the two breeds produce a fiber called cashgora which high quality fiber. This fiber can be sold to spinners or companies bringing you some good source of income.

Goats are well-known for their ability to wipe out weeds. And for this reason some farmers rent out their flock to other municipalities to clean up areas that are overgrown with weeds or blackberry bushes. Farmers prefer goats weeding then herbicides making it good business model.

Unless your goats are just brush eaters or pets you probably want to breed them. Breeding them will help in them producing a fresh supply of milk and you can sell the breeds to other farmers.

A goat is an animal that is known to be social. Once you establish a solid relationship with them they will enjoy spending time with you. This means you can freely go with them for hikes with no worry on what they will eat because they will find some greens along the way.

As you see there are lots of benefits as to why one would want to raise their own goats. When done right goat farming can be very rewarding and can bring some good profits as well. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes.

Weather you want to learn how to be a goat farmer or just want to master the art of producing tenda meat, milk and fiber, having the correct information is needed to start your new hobby. Without information we would all be floundering in the dark. Knowing where and how to start with raising goats will prevent your dream from becoming a disaster, so keep on reading...


Now How Can You Get It All In One Place?

If you want simple, easy read information on raising healthy goats and enjoy all the benefits of owning goats, all in one place, finally there's now a complete guide to successful goat farming.



How To Raise Goats

How To Raise Goats

Goat farming has been around for centuries. Ever since man found that this animal maybe a resource of food, drink and clothing, raising goats has become a sort of livelihood for numerous people.

Goat farming is so adaptable that wherever you look internationally, you'll certainly locate a goat raising industry in most countries.

Raising goats for profit is probably one of the most up and coming businesses of today. All around you there appears to be an increasing demand for many goat-related products.

Apart from the meat itself, there is goat's milk which can the exhausted as-is, or employed in the production everything from artisan cheeses and yogurts to soaps and lotions!

The goat fiber, in addition referred to as mohair or cashmere, is a very profitable renewable crop. To someone looking for a profitable business venture with a reduced initial investment, raising goats for profit is probably one of the best available options.

In detail you will learn:  

The Origins Of Goats

Lifestyle Characteristics of Goats

Beginning To Raise Goats

The Multiple Uses Of Goat

Getting Started With Raising Goats

Raising Goats For Milk

Breeds Of Dairy Goats

Requirements For Breeding Dairy Goats

How To Milk Your Dairy Goat

Feeding The Dairy Goat

Raising Goats For Meat

Breeds Of Meat Goats

Requirements For Breeding Meat Goats

The Right Minerals for Meat Goats

Feeding Acorns to Meat Goats

Raising Goats For Fiber

Breeds Of Fiber Goats

Goat Fiber Characteristics

Caring for Mohair Goat Breeds

Taking Care of Pygmy Goats

Taking Care of Nubian Goats

How To Take Care Of A Newborn Goat

How To Build A Proper Goat House

How To Breed A Goat

Treating Your Goats Correctly

Common Goat Diseases And Treatment

Additional Tips On Taking Care Of Goats

Doing Goat Farming For Income

The Economics Of Keeping Goats

Value Adding And Marketing

Ways To Transporting Your Goats


It's All About Raising Goats

When starting out in goat farming it is very important that you get your facts right. Knowledge in what you are doing is very important in order to raise healthy goats. Raising goats is very exciting and rewarding but it depends if you have the right tools and care for your goats.

You will have to put forth the effort if you want to raise goats. There is plenty that you will need to know before you take on the task of a whole new world.  For most people, this is the first time raising goats and they don’t know what to do. 

And since a lot of people are now turning to eating organic foods most farmers are now raising their livestock the organic way. Organic meat is healthier then commercially produced meat which is why people like it. It also tastes a lot better. This ebook also covers how to raise your goats the organic way. It's all about successful goat farming.


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How To Raise Goats!"

"I'm Getting Excited In Raising Goats"

Hi Gerard,

I decided to raise goats when I heard how profitable their milk is. As I did more research about raising goats I also got to know that the meat is profitable as well.

I then came along your guide and since it gives information on raising goats for milk and meat I decided to get a copy. You ebook has so much to the point guidelines and when I need to know something, I am able to find the answers in this ebook. I re-read the ebook from time to time as I go through the different stages of my goat development.

I would like to thank you for putting together this ebook and sharing the information with us. I'm so pumped up with information its exciting.

Thank You!

Rita Davidson.


"Yet Another Good Livestock Product"

Hi Gerard,

I bought your ebook yesterday and I just want to say thank you for such a informative resource. Your ebook is easy to understand and has helped me finally get started. I have learned a great deal about goats and this guide has covered everything.

All the sections in the ebook has given me guidelines in avoiding pitfalls that are common with beginner goat farmers. After reading your ebook for the second time I'm handing it over to my husband so we can both get guidelines in raising goats and also share ideas.

Enjoy Your Day!

Carlos De Morr.


"I Was Raised In The City"

Hi Gerard,

My name is Sandra and was raised in the city. And being raised in the city you kind of don't know how a goat looks like. Since I was interested in raising goats I knew that I needed to get some good training in raising goats.

I was recommended to you ebook from another livestock forum and I'm also a happy customer. I have read it from cover to cover and I feel more confident that I will be able to raise healthy goats in my backyard.

I would like to thank you for your ebook, the resources list helps me as well and saves me time in searching. Highly recommended ebook to anyone who is serious about raising healthy goats.

Nice One!

John Norris.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step goat farming plan that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive goat raising training course once you have this guide in your disposal. 

But that's not all because when you get your copy of "How To Raise Goats" you will also receive... 

Detailed Guide #1 

Raising Goats For Profit

Goat Feeding And Equipment

Goats usually need nutritious food regularly to be healthy, happy and contended.

A diet that is high in energy, low in fiber and supplemented with ample of protein is considered ideal and wholesome to ensure the upward and steady growth of goats.

Goats can not be called a goat unless it loves its food. Its feeding habits are characterized with rooting and pleading for more food and eating food with a great gusto and relish.

However, in spite of your goats being constantly obsessed with the idea of eating food, it does not mean you submit to its obsession.

There is a specific and regulated pattern of feeding and eating habits for your goats and before you give your goats that extra morsel of food, ponder again!

With this ebook you will discover:

 Healthy Goat Feeding

 Goat Natural Diet

 Organic Goat Feed

 Goat Feeding Chart

 Goat Feeding Equipment

This is a must have guide for every farmer who wants to proper feed their goats, its a complete ebook to healthy goat farming that will ensure that you feed your goats the right nutrients from a young age.


Detailed Guide #2

How To Start Goat Farming Business

Goat Housing And Shelter

When just beginning in raising goats the first thing you have to prepare is land and housing.

Raising goats requires you to build a proper house for them. The housing provides the goats with shade from the hot sun and keeps them warm in the winter.

Goats house can be designed using wire, fencing hardware and hay. And house should be well ventilated as well and be kept clean.

Believe it or not but goats are clean animals and don't like to defecate their own pens but that doesn't mean you can't help them out.

With this ebook will discover:

Goat Housing Requirements

Goat Odor Control

Goat Housing Types (with measurements)

Goat Housing Systems

Goat House Equipment

With "Goat Housing And Shelter" you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to proper house your goat. You will get all the different options to housing and the required equipment for goat farming. 


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"How To Raise Goats" retails for $167. But today we have reduced our price to get you started and are offering it to you for only $37. All of the information on starting a goat farm is simple to understand with images to guide you. You'll never find a guide that guides to on raising healthy goats in one ebook.

This guide eliminates the time you will spend searching for incomplete information about raising goats. You don't have to purchase a guide on feeding goats alone, then buy yet another guide on raising young goats and keeping your livestock healthy separately, that will cost you over $100. Just by making a one time investment of $37 you will get all you need to know on raising goats at a cost of the price.

You've never seen such a good offer, right? But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my.... 



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If You Serious About Raising Healthy Goats
Then This Is Your Guide

You should know that there are various diseases that goats will contract.  Some of these diseases come from viruses, parasites and bacteria.  The diagnosis of the diseases will vary.  However, some of these diseases may be similar and can be difficult to pinpoint. 

Treatment is imminent in order to get them well very quickly.  That is a part that the farmer is required to play as far as getting their goats back to health.  A lot of times, these diseases can be prevented if the farmer takes preventive steps to keep their goat healthy. This ebook covers all you need to know on treating various goat diseases as well.


" This Is A Very Informative Ebook"

Hi Gerard,

My neighbors have their own goats and they often graze inside my yard, it has always been an interest to me t farm my very own goats. I noticed that they graze in little food but still produce a lot of meat.

And the way they multiply is very often, some thing like once a year, so if you have 5 females you are looking at reproducing 5 more goats a year, and thats a good investment.

As I said before it's was always been in my thoughts to raise goats of my own. I then got a copy of your ebook and all the guidelines I needed where in there. Things like the right shelter and the types of diseases they are prone to. This in all is a very informative ebook.

Thank You!

Penwell Martins.


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

When it comes to raising goats, it is very important that you know what you are doing so to avoid failures. You have to know how to feed and give proper shelter for your goats. You will have to know how to early notice and treat different types of health matters and diseases that will be of harm to your goats.

And when it comes to goat farming this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy goats. Its a complete guide to being a successful goat farmer. So if you want to raise healthy goats, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference!


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Best Regards,

P.S. If you grew up in the city don't be discouraged to raising goats. Almost anyone can start a business in raising healthy goats, the only thing that is required is the right guidelines and dedication. Just make sure you get the right training and knowledge.

P.P.S Do you know that you should talk to your goat while you are milking him?  Be nice to him and talk to him in a nice tone. The goat will know that you really care about him and will want to provide you with plenty of milk. Don’t’ feel like it’s a burden when you are milking. You should enjoy doing this. Not only will you get more pleasure out of milking the goat, but you’ll get what you need in the process.

"The Next Step Is Yours". Grab this one of its kind goat farming ebook that will guide you on how to be a successful farmer today, don't waste anymore of your time trying to find incomplete information on raising goats, get your guide to successful goat farming just by investing in this guide...


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I understand that this ebook will help me start successful goat farming even if I'm an absolute beginner and haven't tried raising goats before.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following goat farming ebooks: 

How To Raise Goats - Which will guide me on how to raise profitable goats in my very own farm. I will discover how to care for them and profit from their produce.

Goat Feeding And Equipment - This is a complete ebook on how to proper feed my goats and make sure they get enough nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Goat Housing And Shelter - With this ebook I will get guidelines with dimensions on how to build and proper house my goats making sure they are well protected.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are Goats Hard To Raise As A Beginner?

Goats are large and sometimes belligerent livestock. If you have no prior livestock handling experience, you may underestimate the difficulty in raising these domestic animals, but once you get used to goats, it can be easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise Goats?

The costs of raising goats depends on the number of livestock you want to raise. But one thing for sure you have to prepare money to build shelter and buy feed for your goats.

Is Raising Goats A Good Investment?

When done right, goat farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of livestock farming, Goat production involves substantial capital investment and some risks. Raising goats successfully also requires daily attention.