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Name: Gerard Dawn


Dear Rabbit Owner Or Farmer:

You've been searching around for information on how to raise rabbits, but you not finding enough guidelines to get you started? Or you have some questions you need answers to when raising rabbits? Well look no further because I've got the answers to all questions you may have to raising your own healthy bunnies.

Most of us are probably familiar with the quintessential image of the rabbit-a fluffy, cuddly white bunny delivered into the arms of delighted children on Easter morning, surrounded by sweets and colored eggs. Unfortunately, this picture-perfect holiday symbol that has placed many a pet rabbit into a less-than-ideal situation.

Taking care of a pet rabbit is not a holiday novelty; it's agreeing to assume full responsibility for the needs of a living creature. If it sounds like welcoming a rabbit into your home is serious business requiring lots of thought and planning, that's because it is! But it also offers an exciting, unique pet ownership experience-for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the ins and outs of pet rabbit care.

You too can grow big, healthy, profit-paying rabbits, if you will merely meet certain clearly defined rabbit requirements. If you do this, and it's easy, you need never worry about profits, you are sure to succeed.


The Benefits Of Raising Rabbits...

Reproduction Rate: First thing that a lot of people don't know is that rabbits have a high rate of reproduction. A healthy rabbit can produce 1000% of her body in a given year.

Less Space Required: The nice thing about raising rabbits is that they do not need that much of space to live and move around. You don't need grazing land unlike cattle or sheep, you can keep a couple of rabbits in your small backyard. You can even keep rabbits in a small apartment where else you can't keep chickens.

Less Maintenance: When raising rabbits you don't need to be checking on them every single time. You get just check on time one a day when giving them food, supplying fresh water. Their cage can be cleaned once a month unlike other animals. The young rabbits are taking care of by the female rabbits, the only thing you can provide is nesting boxes which can be easily built.

No Noise: Now unlike other animals like chickens and ducks which make a lot of noise rabbits hardy make a sound unless the mating shriek. You can keep rabbits in your yard or even travel with them with no one noticing them.

Rabbit Manure: Rabbits boo does make good garden fertilizer that won't burn your plants. And if you are into worm farming you can fed your worms the rabbit droppings which in return will produce high quality compost.

Quality Meat: Its a fact that rabbit meat is low in fat and cholesterol but high in protein. You can't find the nutritional meat value of rabbits in any other animal. Some doctors even prescribe their patients to eat rabbit meat for dieting.

Easy Butchering: When the time has come for you to butcher your rabbit you will be surprised of how clean process it is. In less then 20 mins the rabbit can be in your freezer.

As you see there are lots of benefits as to why one would want to raise their own rabbits. When done right raising rabbits can be very rewarding and can bring some good profits as well. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes.

Weather you want to learn how to raise rabbits as pets or just want to master the art of producing tenda rabbit meat, having the correct information is needed to start your new hobby. Without information we would all be floundering in the dark. Knowing where and how to start with raising rabbits will prevent your dream from becoming a disaster, so keep on reading...


Now How Can You Get It All In One Place?

If you want simple, easy read information on raising healthy rabbits and enjoy all the benefits of owning bunnies, all in one place, finally there's now a complete guide to successful bunny raising.



"How To Raise Rabbits"

How To Raise RabbitsOwning a pet is such a big responsibility thus very much rewarding. Giving these furry creatures extra load of love, care and attention are just some of the factors of rabbit care basics you need to consider before you adopt them.

You must devote extra time too and money for their special needs. Unlike humans, they do sometimes have different needs though food and shelter and even medicines are their primary necessities.

You should also make sure that they are consuming the right kind of food in the right amount.

Caring for rabbits is not really too difficult, especially when you consider that the mothers will do most of the work for you when it comes to raising their infants.

She will pull fur from her body to make their nest nice and warm. The doe will feed her litter once or twice per day, for about five minutes each time. Rabbit milk is one of the richest milks found in mammals.

You will need a guide to raising rabbits if you are still a novice.. If you would like to learn more on how to raise rabbits, this guide will help you start raising rabbits successfully.

In detail you will learn: 

What You Should Know Before Getting The First Rabbit

The Different Breeds For Different Purposes

Differences Between Domestic And Wild Rabbits

The Proper Time And Amount To Feed Your Rabbit

The Right Way To House Your Rabbit

The Best Foods For Maximum Health

Get Some Treats To Spoil Your Rabbit

Learn How To Train Your Rabbit

How To Take Care Of A Sick Rabbit And Prevent Illnesses

Get Guidelines On Keeping Rabbits For Business


It's All About Raising Rabbits

When you have this ebook as you guide you will have the information you will need in raising rabbits. There are two basic options when it comes to rabbit-keeping: to cage or not to cage.

Traditionally, rabbits have been kept in outdoor cages (called a "hutches") with a wire bottom and sides, a solid top, and a solid wooden nesting box. An outdoor hutch is still a viable option, provided serious effort is applied to making the hutch completely weatherproof.

For those who truly wish to keep their rabbits inside, a large cage similar to a hutch can be integrated into the household, and for those who truly wish to live with their rabbits, a rabbit can be kept much as you'd keep a cat-running free in the house. This ebook covers all you need to know about housing your rabbits as well.


"Look At What Other Farmers Say About
How To Raise Rabbits!"


"This Ebook Is A Great Start"

If you are a beginner rabbit farmer or just want to get your hand on some insider information on raising rabbits, this ebook is a great start.

I'm saying this because I had spent considerable time searching the internet for guidelines on raising healthy rabbits and always had a some questions I need answers to and found them all in your ebook.

If only I had got your ebook a little earlier I would have saved a lot of my precious time and learn't a lot more faster. I'm so happy I finally got a book that covers all there is to know on raising healthy rabbits.

Thank you again!

 Elmer Coburn.


"A Must Have For Any New Rabbit Owner"


My son has always let me know of how much he likes rabbits and would like to own one. So as a Chrismas gift I bought him this ebook and sent him the download link to get the copy. He was so happy that the following week he bought himself the New Zealand rabbit.

You maybe surprised as to how fast he took the decision he took in buying the rabbit but so was I. Well he let me know that the ebook I had bought for him covered all he needed to know in raising his own rabbit. He says it was very easy to understand and a must have for any new rabbit owner.

On my side I'm so happy how your ebook has made my sons dream come true. Keep up the good work you are doing in helping newbies in raising their own rabbits.

Thank you again!

 David Holland.


"Your Ebook Is A Good Investment"

Hi Gerard,

I must admit that it's difficult and time consuming to get in-depth information on raising rabbits for commercial purposes. I've read a number of books on raising rabbits for meat and must admit yours cover the meat information in starting of in my project.

On every step I took in raising my rabbits I used your ebook as reference. And now I can say I'm a proud owner of 15 rabbits all growing healthy.

Right now I'm reading on the section on running a rabbit farm business so I can picture and plan on how to get maximun profits from my project.

As a business person I'm sure you understand the meaning of making a wise investment. Well I'd like to let you know that your ebook is a good investment and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start a rabbit farm.

Thank you!

 Elmer Coburn.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step rabbit raising plan that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive rabbit raising training course once you have this guide in your disposal.

But once you decide to get your copy today you will also receive these following detailed guides... 


Detailed Guide #1   

Raising Meat Rabbits For Profit

Rabbit Feeding And Equipment

Rabbits usually need nutritious food regularly to be healthy, happy and contended.

A diet that is high in energy, low in fiber and supplemented with ample of protein is considered ideal and wholesome to ensure the upward and steady growth of a rabbit.

Rabbits can not be called a rabbit unless it loves its food. Its feeding habits are characterized with rooting and pleading for more food and eating food with a great gusto and relish.

However, in spite of your rabbits being constantly obsessed with the idea of eating food, it does not mean you submit to its obsession.

There is a specific and regulated pattern of feeding and eating habits for your rabbits and before you give your rabbit that extra morsel of food, ponder again!

With this ebook you will discover:

 Healthy Rabbit Feeding

 Rabbit Natural Diet

 Organic Rabbit Feed

 Rabbit Feeding Chart

 Rabbit Feeding Equipment

This is a must have guide for every farmer who wants to proper feed their rabbits, its a complete ebook to healthy rabbit farming that will ensure that you feed your rabbits the right nutrients from a young age.


Detailed Guide #2

How To Care For Bunny Rabbits

Rabbit Housing And Shelter

When just beginning in raising rabbits the first thing you have to prepare is land and housing.

Raising rabbits requires you to build a proper house for them. The housing provides the rabbits with shade from the hot sun and keeps them warm in the winter.

A rabbit house can be designed using wire, fencing hardware and hay. And house should be well ventilated as well and be kept clean.

Believe it or not but rabbits are clean animals and don't like to defecate their own pens but that doesn't mean you can't help them out.

With this ebook you will discover:

 Rabbit Housing Requirements

 Rabbit Odor Control

 Rabbit Housing Types (with measurements)

 Rabbit Housing Systems

 Rabbit House Equipment

With "Rabbit Housing And Shelter" you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to proper house your rabbits. You will get all the different options to housing and the required equipment for rabbit farming. 


How Much Is That Worth To You?

"How To Raise Rabbits" retails for $167. But today we have reduced our price to get you started and are offering it to you for only $37. All of the information on starting a rabbit farm is simple to understand with images to guide you. You'll never find a guide that guides to on raising healthy rabbits in one ebook.

This guide eliminates the time you will spend searching for incomplete information about raising rabbits. You don't have to purchase a guide on feeding rabbits alone, then buy yet another guide on raising baby rabbits and keeping your rabbits healthy separately, that will cost you over $100. Just by making a one time investment of $37 you will get all you need to know on raising rabbits at a cost of the price.

You've never seen such a good offer, right? But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my....  


My 3 Month Money Back Guarantee!


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If You Serious About Raising Healthy Rabbits
Then This Is Your Guide

Being a rabbit owner can be fun and relaxing. But on the other hand its not easy because rabbits are fragile animals. But if you know what you are doing then you will be a happy owner.

If you are new to raising rabbits then its advisable that you learn all you can in raising these creatures. Once you learn about raising rabbits then you will be prepared for what is ahead of you.

Rabbits are high maintenance animals which require a lot of attention and affection. Although they are cute cuddy creatures that you may think aren’t harmful, in actual fact they can hurt you if you handle them in a way they don't like.

Their back legs are strong and they use them to beat you off. So before you make the decision in raising rabbits they are some things that you need to know.

So if you are serious about raising healthy rabbits, your first step is getting a copy of this guide. Once you get used to how rabbits are managed you can be sure that you will enjoy everyday life living with your bunny.


"Did I Say Thank You!"


These days it's very difficult to get such ebooks as yours in giving the core information and guidelines on raising healthy rabbits. I started in raising my rabbit doe through the help of your ebook.

When I have a concern or question I make reference to your ebook and I find the answer. Sometimes I think of how difficult things would be if I had never got a copy of your ebook. And the inclusion of pictures and illustrations makes the learning curve a lot more easier.

If you a beginner rabbit owner and don't know how to go about in raising your very on bunny, your first step is to get this ebook. Then take it from there, you'll thank me later.

Did I Say Thank You!

 James Ochoa.


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

Rabbits groom themselves as a general rule. This keeps them neat and tidy, but self-grooming also comes with a negative consequence. All types of rabbits, similar to cats, can produce hair balls from swallowing their own hair. This is why it is important to feed them hay regularly.

Hay helps prevent the formation of hair balls by cleaning out their digestive tract of the hair they may have swallowed. Another fact about rabbits is that their teeth continue to grow no matter what age they attain.

For this reason, it is very important to feed them hard foods, to help them wear down their teeth. Allowing their teeth to grow too long can take away their ability to eat normally.

You see, when it comes to raising rabbits this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising healthy rabbits. Its a complete guide to being a successful rabbit farmer. So if you want to raise healthy rabbits, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference!


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P.S.  Whether you decide to keep your rabbit in a cage, let him roam freely about your kitchen, or a combination of both, the other major consideration in taking care of a pet rabbit is ensuring that fresh water and proper food are available at all times. This ebook will show you how.

P.P.S. Caring for rabbits is becoming quite the popular hobby these days. Believe it or not, in the United States alone, there are more than 5,000,000 rabbits being kept as pets in over 2,000,000 homes. These joyful little creatures love to run and jump and twist in the air which makes them a joy to raise.

"The Next Step Is Yours". Grab this one of its kind rabbit farming ebook that will guide you on how to be a successful farmer today, don't waste anymore of your time trying to find incomplete information on raising rabbits, get your guide to rabbit farming just by investing in this guide...


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I understand that this ebook will help me start successful rabbit farming even if I'm an absolute beginner and haven't tried raising rabbits before.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following rabbit farming ebooks: 

How To Raise Rabbits - Which will guide me on how to raise profitable rabbits in my very own farm. I will discover how to care for them and profit from their produce.

Rabbit Feeding And Equipment - This is a complete ebook on how to proper feed my rabbits and make sure they get enough nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Rabbit Housing And Shelter - With this ebook I will get guidelines with dimensions on how to build and proper house my rabbits making sure they are well protected.


Get the one and only guide to successful rabbit farming by adding this guide to your cart below and make a one-time Investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are Rabbits Hard To Raise As A Beginner?

Rabbits are large and sometimes belligerent livestock. If you have no prior livestock handling experience, you may underestimate the difficulty in raising these domestic animals, but once you get used to rabbits, it can be easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise Rabbits?

The costs of raising rabbits depends on the number of livestock you want to raise. But one thing for sure you have to prepare money to build shelter and buy feed for your rabbits.

Is Raising Rabbits A Good Investment?

When done right, rabbit farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of livestock farming, rabbit production involves substantial capital investment and some risks. Raising rabbits successfully also requires daily attention.