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Table Of Contents:

- The Benefits Of Raising A Miniature Horse

- How To Raise Miniature Horses

- It's All About Miniature Horse Farming

- How Much Is That Worth To You?

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Name: Gerard Dawn


Dear miniature horse Owner:

You've been searching around for information on how to raise a miniature horse, but you not finding enough guidelines to get you started? Or you have some questions you need answers to when raising a miniature horse? Well look no further because I've got the answers to all questions you may have to raising your own healthy miniature horse.

What animal comes in a small package, has almost all the characteristics people like about horses, is easy to manage and a delight to have around you? It's a miniature horse!

Miniature horses are usually no taller than 38 inches and come in a rainbow of coat colors, and patterns. They have a gentle nature, are easily trained, and can pull four times their own weight. These horses are known to have descended from Shetland ponies and were selectively inbred for their body size.

In the earlier times, small horse breeds were likely the products of surviving very harsh natural climates and limited feed sources. As human knowledge of genetics grew, it became possible for them to breed specifically for body size.

Prices of really desirable miniature horses are now high. If you have a good one, take good care of him. Protect his health, lengthen his life. If you must buy, be sure that you get a sound animal which will serve you long and faithfully.


The Benefits Of Raising A Miniature Horse...

Owning a miniature horse teaches you to be responsible. You will need to feed it on regular bases, you have to bath it and make sure it gets enough exercise. This is great for kids as they grow learning to be responsible.

You expand your knowledge. Since you will be with your miniature horse everyday you will get a lot of knowledge on how to care for miniature horses and keep them free from sickness. With this knowledge you can educate others on the care of miniature horses.

Having a miniature horse gives you a sense of satisfaction by knowing you are taking really good care of your miniature horse and is aways in a great condition. This also beings a sense of great achievement.

Character building is a natural part of miniature horse ownership, confidence, punctuality, self-esteem, commitment, frugality, patience, and teaching responsibility.

Miniature horses do not require large space like a regular-sized horse! They also don’t need as much grain or hay either. Actually giving them too much grass can make them founder.

They make awesome companions to large horses, worth noting that this depends on the temperament of both horses, but generally they will get along just okay. You can also save lots of money and space by buying this mini friend for your horse.

There are lot's of things you can with your miniature horse, you may teach them to drive and pull carts, larger minis may even be saddle brokes for young children. They also do well as therapy animals.

Miniature horses are low maintainance animals. The upkeep is also considerably cheaper and because the equipment needed by them is smaller in size, it too generally cost less than regular horses.

As you see there are lots of benefits as to why one would want to raise their own miniature horse. When done right raising a miniature horse can be very rewarding. But it is very important that you know what you are doing when starting out because you can easily make costly mistakes.

Weather you want to learn how to raise a miniature horse or just want to master the art of training a miniature horse, having the correct information is needed to start your new hobby. Without information we would all be floundering in the dark. Knowing where and how to start with raising a miniature horse will prevent your dream from becoming a disaster, so keep on reading...


Now How Can You Get It All In One Place?

If you want simple, easy read information on raising healthy a miniature horse and enjoy all the benefits of owning a miniature horse, all in one place, finally there's now a complete guide to being a happy miniature horse owner.


How To Raise Miniature Horses

How to raise miniature horses

It is always a good feeling to be a miniature horse owner but as long as you know what your responsibilities are. They are a lot of benefits on being a miniature horse owner although they are a lot of expenses that come with owning a miniature horse as well.

Miniature horses are beutiful little creatures, that are full of spirit and intelligence, with all the fun and happiness of a larger horse packed into their pint sized bodies.

Miniature horses have been bred for their super conformation and outstanding dispositions. The production result is a beautifully proportionate little horse that is suitable to a variety of uses such as show animals, pets, a form of therapy for disabled people, and guides for the blind.

These Horses are hardy and do best living in an outdoor environment. As a owner you don’t need to have a fancy, top-of-the-line facility in shelter before you bring one home.

But you will need a safe livestock place for your horses to live and somewhere for them to protect themselves from the harsh weather, be it the heat of the sun or bite of the cold wind. Even if your livestock property already has a horse infrastructure in place, it has to be carefully evaluated to ensure it is appopriate for Miniature Horses.

"How To Raise Miniature Horses" is a complete ebook that will guide you on how to raise a healthy miniature horse all the way to training your miniature horse even if your an absolute beginner.

In detail you will learn:  

History Of Miniature Horses

The Characteristics Of A Miniature Horse

Top Miniature Horse Breeds

Reasons To Own A Miniature Horse

Raising Miniature Horses

Feeding The Miniature Horse

Traning Your Miniature Horse

Showing Your Miniature Horse

Transportation Of Miniature Horses

Horse Buildings And Fences

Raising The Foal

Grooming A Miniature Horse

Care Of The Feet

Miniature Horse Care

Dealing With Diseases And Parasites


It's All About Raising Miniature Horses

You should understand that miniature horses are not all the same. Some will let you get on and you can ride them easily while others are so green that you could get hurt if you have little or no riding experience. 

The miniature horses that will let just about anyone on and ride are usually the older miniature horses.  Because they have been ridden the most they will be the most forgiving of the mistakes that a beginning rider can make.

The younger miniature horses are a lot tougher to ride unless they have been completely broke. So it is very important that you know what you are doing as a miniature horse owner and that's where this guide comes in handy.


Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

This guide won't leave you hanging not knowing what to do next. Its a step by step miniature horse owners guide that spells out your next step in plain English, you won't need to look for other information or join any other expensive miniature horse training course once you have this guide in your disposal.

But that's not all because when you get your copy of "How To Raise Miniature Horses" you will also receive... 

Detailed Guide #1 

How To Train A Mini Horse

Miniature Horse Feeding And Equipment

Miniature horses usually need nutritious food regularly to be healthy, happy and contended.

A diet that is high in energy, low in fiber and supplemented with ample of protein is considered ideal and wholesome to ensure the upward and steady growth of a miniature horse.

A miniature horse can not be called a miniature horse unless it loves its food. Its feeding habits are characterized with rooting and pleading for more food and eating food with a great gusto and relish.

However, in spite of your miniature horse being constantly obsessed with the idea of eating food, it does not mean you submit to its obsession.

There is a specific and regulated pattern of feeding and eating habits for your miniature horse and before you give your miniature horse that extra morsel of food, ponder again!

With this ebook you will discover:

 Healthy Miniature Horse Feeding

 Miniature Horse Natural Diet

 Organic Miniature Horse Feed

 Miniature Horse Feeding Chart

 Miniature Horse Feeding Equipment

This is a must have guide for every farmer who wants to proper feed his miniature horse, its a complete ebook to raising a healthy miniature horse that will ensure that you feed your horse the right nutrients from a young age.


Detailed Guide #2

Raising Miniature Horses For Profit

Miniature Horse Housing And Stable Building

When just beginning in raising a miniature horse the first thing you have to prepare is land and housing.

Raising a miniature horse requires you to build a proper house for them. The housing provides the miniature horse with shade from the hot sun and keeps them warm in the winter.

A miniature horse house can be designed using wire, fencing hardware and hay. And house should be well ventilated as well and be kept clean.

Believe it or not but miniature horses are clean animals and don't like to defecate their own pens but that doesn't mean you can't help them out.


With this ebook will discover:

Miniature Horse Housing Requirements

Miniature Horse Odor Control

Miniature Horse Housing Types (with measurements)

Miniature Horse Housing Systems

Miniature Horse House Equipment

With "Miniature Horse Housing And Stable Building" you’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to proper house your miniature horse. You will get all the different options to housing and the required equipment for keeping a miniature horse. 


How Much Is That Worth To You?

"How To Raise Miniature Horses" retails for $167. But today we have reduced our price to get you started and are offering it to you for only $37. All of the information on raising and training a miniature horse is simple to understand with images to guide you. You'll never find a guide that guides to on raising and training a miniature horse in one ebook.

This guide eliminates the time you will spend searching for incomplete information about raising miniature horses. You don't have to purchase a guide on feeding your miniature horse, then buy yet another guide on training and keeping your horse healthy separately, that will cost you over $100. Just by making a one time investment of $37 you will get all you need to know on raising and training a miniature horse at a cost of the price.

You've never seen such a good offer, right? But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my.... 



My 3 Month Money Back Guarantee!



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If You Serious About Raising A Healthy Miniature Horse
Then This Is Your Guide

When an experienced miniature horse owner starts having problems with their miniature horse, they will look for answers and ask questions.  One of the first places they look is in books.  When the author of the book explains a training technique, the new miniature horse owner assumes it is the same technique used by all miniature horse trainers. 

After trying the technique and the new miniature horse owner can’t train their miniature horse, then they tend to think they have a dumb miniature horse or a miniature horse that can’t be trained.  Usually there is more than one way to train a miniature horse. 

So if you are using one technique that doesn’t seem to be working, then you will need to try something else.  Usually by finding a book or video created by a different trainer the methods they use will be different than the methods you are trying. This ebook cover all you need in owning a miniature horse.


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

As a new miniature horse owner if you ride your miniature horse when you have little or no experience of miniature horsemanship, will do more harm than good.

Many new miniature horse owners will ride their miniature horse with no miniature horse-riding training or skills.  miniature horses react to leg pressure, how you sit in the saddle, whether or not the rider is tense and several other signals, so it is important that you have an understanding of riding procedures.

If you want to be successful with your miniature horse, you need to have an understanding about him.  If you don’t know how to ride, it is best if you take riding lessons and learn how to ride before you ride your miniature horse.  You also need to learn how miniature horses think, the best way to shape a miniature horse’s behavior, and consistently ride your miniature horse for a good miniature horse.

And when it come to miniature horses this is the only guide that covers every aspect of raising a healthy miniature horse. It's a complete guide to being a happy miniature horse owner. So if you want to raise and train a miniature horse, make sure you have this ebook for guidance and reference!


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Best Regards,

P.S. You should try your best to send the message across to your miniature horse on what he/she is allowed to do and not do when you are training him. This can be done by you rewarding the good things your miniature horse does and punishing the bad.

P.P.S. Naturally a miniature horse wants a leader to show them how things are and what to do.  It is all part of being a herd animal. So it goes without saying, that you are the one to be the leader in this scenario. A miniature horse will think of you as a leader out of fear or respect. However you want lead by earning the respect of your miniature horse through your interactions and relationship.

"The Next Step Is Yours". Grab this one of its kind miniature horse owners ebook that will guide you on how to be a proud miniature horse owner today, don't waste anymore of your time trying to find incomplete information on raising and training a miniature horse, get your guide to owning a miniature horse just by investing in this guide...


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I understand that this ebook will help me raise a train my miniature horse even if I'm an absolute beginner and haven't owned a miniature horse before.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following miniature horse owners ebooks: 

How To Raise Miniature Horses - Which will guide me on how to raise miniature horses in my very own farm. I will discover how to care and train them.

Miniature Horse Feeding And Equipment - This is a complete ebook on how to proper feed my miniature horse and make sure they get enough nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Miniature Horse Housing And Stable Building - With this ebook I will get guidelines with dimensions on how to build and proper house my miniature horses making sure they are well protected.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are Miniature Horses Hard To Raise?

Miniature horses are large and sometimes belligerent livestock. If you have no prior livestock handling experience, you may underestimate the difficulty in raising these domestic animals, but once you get used to a miniature horse, it can be easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Miniature Horse?

The costs of raising a miniature horse depends on the number of livestock you want to raise. But one thing for sure you have to prepare money to build shelter and buy feed for your miniature horse.

Is Raising A Miniature Horse A Good Investment?

When done right, having a miniature horse is definitely a good investment. Like other forms of livestock farming, miniature horse production involves substantial capital investment and some risks. Raising a miniature horse successfully also requires daily attention.