Guide to Rearing Sheep

Sheep are precarious animals if you do not know how to look after them well enough but armed with the right facts you will see that rearing sheep may be about the most rewarding pursuits you can engage on as a new farmer-entrepreneur. Rearing sheep is good because there is a rising need for sheep products such as dairy, wool and mutton. It is said that in some parts of the world majority of cheese goods are from sheep milk. Milk originating sheep is much better than all kinds of milk around as regards their nutritional value. Higher protein, calcium and fat is the mark of a sheep's milk. It is a sought after basic ingredient in ice cream and cheese like feta and ricotta.

Before you begin rearing sheep select the variety that best suits your primary goal or purpose, if you prefer to raise sheep for milk, the British Milk Sheep variety supplies the most milk production capabilities. If your for wool production Merinos which has a wool count of 60 to a little over 70 makes good fine wool. They started from Spain and are now abundant in Australia. Their wool is soft and fine. For meat production the Dorper is good. It is a cross between a Dorset Horn and a Blackhead Persian during the 1930s. It is beneficial to meat production because they are easy to grow and look after. It is considered a hardy breed that can withstand not so pleasant lands for grazing.

After choosing a strain of sheep to care, now is the time to invest on equipment and different implements in your sheep business. A great amount of land where pasture is abundant is required. If you intend to keep your sheep in a barn, an excellent building or housing for them is in addition essential. When they are grazing you can also create perimeter fence invented of portable electrical fences which you can buy on the internet or from your local herding supply. A great halter to lead your sheep herd is a handy tool as well. When rearing sheep be conscientious about natural predators. A study has demonstrated that wild coyotes account for half the number of sheep deaths in a year pursued by wild dogs, bobcats, eagles and even bears. You can combine your sheep herd with other animals that serve as their guardians like donkeys, cattle, herd dog and even some types of Llama.

A top quality sheep does not come out of pure luck or genes alone. Feeding good nutrients made from pasture, hay, silage and grains plus a supplementation of minerals and salts will help your sheep develop and steer clear of diseases that may plague you along the way. Rearing sheep takes time and a massive amount of commitment but the rewards may be enticing if you stay on it long enough.

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