How much care does a rabbit need?

How much care does a rabbit need?

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How much care does a rabbit need?

Rabbits are wonderful pets. They are cuddly and warm. But it needs extra effort and a big responsibility for the owner to have a successful relationship with their pet rabbit.

Owner should be knowledgeable about the proper ways on pet rabbit care.

Rabbits could live up to 5-7 years or even longer but this depends on how you take good care of them.

Their precious lives depend on how you will take care of them thus understanding the proper ways on pet rabbit care is truly a must.

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Rabbits have the normal body temperature of 39.5C with a whooping pulse rate of 300 per minute. They also usually like to devour their meals in the evening, night time and at the first light. It is around mid morning when they lose their droppings.

Rabbits are naturally clean though they love to dig holes. One of the best tips on proper ways on pet rabbit care is that you provide them toys such as card board toilet rolls, old telephone book is also great for shredding and chewing just make sure that whatever kind of toys you give to them, these are nontoxic materials and lead free.

Just like any pets, rabbits also need extra love and care to obtain the right lifespan they have and to avoid any health problems. The responsibility of a good pet owner doesn’t just end up in feeding them, playing with them, giving them vitamins supplements but also vet check ups which is very important in pet rabbit care.

Even if you’re feeding them the right kind of food, professional health advise is still needed to make sure they are in good shape and if sick, won’t get any worse. There are now insurance company offering pet insurance too and you could get this kind of insurance for the safety of your pet.

Rabbits should also have their yearly vaccination against Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) and Myxomatosis. Frequent pregnancy to doe could end up to uterine cancer and could cause death eventually but this could be prevented if you make sure your rabbit is spayed when she reached the age of two months.

Rabbits are great pet. Another rule in pet rabbit care, rabbits should have a nice and warm hutch or cage wherein they could live and rest. Make sure their place is clean and free from any harmful chemicals.

Rabbits have individual needs just like humans and other house pets such as cats and dogs. Rabbits are warm, playful, faithful, love to chew and munch almost everything and would hop into your lap when he finds the right moment.

But not all rabbits find picking them up and carrying them around very nice. Some even don’t favor of hopping into your lap and be stroke. They would rather be played along on the ground like chase game for instance. Rabbits are smart so make sure the toys you give them could help them think. Keep in mind that rabbits are very fragile and sensitive thus need extra attention and security from its owner.

Rabbits love to be around with people especially with kids. Rabbits too like to be with their own kind whether these furry companions are spayed or not.

Let your pet rabbit finds his own friend. What about a wedding ceremony for your buck and doe? But before you start to send in the doe into the buck’s cage, make sure you consult your b=vet first to ensure that both of them are in good health.

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Rabbits can also be very edgy and sometimes could bite and nip you or worse his mate. try to introduce the doe to the buck in slow ways and observe for awhile before leaving them alone in the buck’s cage.

Rabbits are not advisable to smaller kids to be their pet. Rabbits have tendency to be panicky especially when surrounded by noise and other activities. they prefer quiet place to rest.

Money investment of adopting these creatures requires a sum total of money around $70-$200. Monthly maintenance for foods, toys and meds usually cost $30. Rabbit vet visits are costly for this is around $60 and still depends if your pet is sick. Financial requirements and budgeting depend on the age of the rabbit.

Emergency such as accident could cost you a hundred dollars. On house spaying is also expensive so drive your pet on his vet’s clinic for more affordable price. Spayed rabbits are much less lower to maintain and you may adopt them through any pet shelters and rescue stations.

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