how to raise rabbits FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question - Are rabbits simple to raise?

Answer - Rabbits are simple to raise, they are clean and quiet and do not need a lot of room. One male and two females will produce in a year as many as fifty more rabbits.

Question - How much does it cost to grow rabbits?

Answer - Depending on the number and breed that you plan to start with, and whether you buy a pre-built hutch or construct one yourself using a free plan, you can expect to spend anywhere bwtween $150 to more than $300 to get your rabbitry project going.

Question - Can you make income raising rabbits?

Answer - Raising rabbits for income can be hard work, and it is certainly not a “get-rich-quick” business venture. But for a person with good stewardship skills, it can be a very rewarding, and yes, even good way to make a some money.

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