How To Raise poultry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - What are the requirements for poultry farm?

Answer - It should have the basic amenities like water and electricity. Availability of farm labourers at relatively cheaper wages. Poultry house should be located in an elevated area and there should not be any water-logging. It should have proper ventilation.

Question - How long does it take to raise broiler chickens?

Answer - Add up the right nutrition and management for broiler chickens to reach mature weight in six to 10 weeks. “Broiler chickens are growing in popularity because they are quick and easy to raise,” says Patrick Biggs, Ph.

Question - What is the lifespan of a broiler chicken?

Answer - The lifespan of broiler chickens is short (five to seven weeks) compared to egg-laying hens (1 year), both of which are slaughtered at a young age for economic reasons.

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