Cost Of Starting An Ostrich Farm

Cost Of Starting An Ostrich Farm

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Cost Of Starting An Ostrich Farm

Welcome to our first chapter, What you need to Start an Ostrich Farm, which looks at Resources, and answers the question: what do I need to start an ostrich farm?

Starting an ostrich farm is an adventurous step for anybody. Hopefully with a little thought we can examine some aspects that you need to consider, before embarking upon your own ostrich project.


You need to consider how you are going to use the land you have. Depending on what starting option you decide, you need to make decisions as to how much land you wish to dedicate to...

• breeding

• chick rearing

• chick housing

• raising birds to slaughter age

• incubation facilities

you may wish to consider other building space for your offices, farm shop or living/rest area for workers.

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A trio, one male and two female, is the normal grouping for ostriches, but you may equally consider pairs (one male and one female), quads (one male and three females) or colonies (two or more males to two or more hens).

A pair gives you the ability to track the individual performance of each of your breeders. A trio gives you the ability to track the male and maybe the females, as sometimes the eggs from two females are noticeably different. However, if you want productivity, experienced farmers tell us that colonies work best.

Cost Of Starting An Ostrich Farm

The advantage of a colony is that the birds have more birds to choose from, in seeking a partner. The space that you need for a breeding trio is approximately 30 metres (32 yards) by 50 metres (55 yards) – a total of 1500 square metres. Over the years I have seen this size reduced to almost half, without any serious consequences. Personally, I prefer larger parks with plenty of running space – hence the tendency to make the park oblong rather than square.

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For chicks, they really need little space during their first four weeks of age. Let us say 2 metres (2 yards) by 10 metres (11 yards) for a group of 20 chicks, however they grow remarkably quickly.

Chicks will need increasingly large areas as they grow. At 12 months they are adult ostriches, and 50 x 12 month old ostriches will need say an area of 1000 sq. metres - 20 metres (22 yards) x 50 metres (55 yards).

In the USA, the growing space is much larger. Typically 100 chicks are grown out on 6000 to 9000 square metres. All the bird areas should have shade in some form or other. It may only be shadecloth or use the natural resource of trees within the pens, but some form of shade is essential.

Birds need to get out of the sun if they wish to. When it rains however, you will find that they sit down on the spot and don’t seek shelter.

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