Things Needed To Start An Ostrich Farm

Things Needed To Start An Ostrich Farm

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Things Needed To Start An Ostrich Farm

You will obviously need capital to set up your enterprise. You will also probably have some idea as to how much you can afford to dedicate to this. My advice is half it! Don’t borrow money either! It is only when you start selling your marketable products will you have some form of clear perception as to whether it is profitable for you.

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We have seen many times the following pattern. New farmers spend a lot of money in trying to get the best “nicest” facilities and NO PLAN. I have seen chick facilities like mini-hotels! And totally impractical. And then when it comes to the important stage of actually marketing their produce, they have run out of funds as production has not been what was expected.

My recommendation is keep things simple. Use what you have at hand – adapt the fencing you already have and use buildings that are already constructed.

Things Needed To Start An Ostrich Farm

Where I do consider it necessary to spend is on your incubator. A good incubator will give you good results, a bad one will not.

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Record, record, record. You need to be able to answer the following questions PER PEN

• how many eggs did my breeders lay?

• how much did it cost to feed my breeders per year?

• how many chicks actually hatched?

• how many chicks reached slaughter age?

• how much does it cost to feed a chick to slaughter age?

and from these replies calculate

• how much does it cost to produce an egg?

• how much does it cost to produce a one day chick?

• how much does it cost to produce a slaughter bird at a given

weight ?

Compare the costs to your revenues

• what are sales from selling egg shells?

• from selling feathers?

• from skins?

• from meat?

By doing these calculations PER PEN, you will hopefully be able to identify those that make the most and also just as important, identify those that make the least. If a trio is not profitable, cull. Cut your losses.

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