how to raise llamas FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - Are llamas simple to raise?

Answer - Llamas are perhaps one of the easiest species of livestock to keep, they require room to be llamas and plenty of room to graze to keep parasite infestations down.

Question - Can you income raising llamas?

Answer - Llamas can be very profitablea and if you enjoy making money and having fun at the same time, llamas are for you. You can raise them for meat and their fiber which has high demand.

Question - How much yarn do you get from each llama?

Answer - Llamas have one of the finest hands of any natural fleece. Llamas are shorn yearly in the spring and can produce on average 4 lbs of fiber. The fiber sells retail in the U.S. Cottage Industry between $2.00 & $3.00 per ounce.

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