How to raise goats for meat

Breeding goats for meat could be the next measure to take after successfully establishing your goat farm. On balance, continually ordering in fresh batches of animals from the suppliers can become a costly affair later on. In order to breed meat-producing goats, you should remember a small number of things though. For instance:

1. Most meat producing breeds (e.g. Boer goats, Spanish goats, etc.) usually mate between the months of August and all the way through March. In order to give you enough time to prepare the does' nutritional needs and the birthing pen, try to plan exactly when you want the kidding or the birth of the young goats to happen. The normal gestation period of these animals lasts 5 months or 150 days. Another way of maximizing your meat production is to try breeding the goats at twice during the mating season.

2. The expression "flushing" is necessary when it comes to breeding goats for meat. Flushing, or to be firmer: egg flushing simply means putting the does on a better and highly concentrated diet. This helps make the goat produce a larger litter. Usually, goats produce 1 to 3 kids in one birthing. Nevertheless, if the flushing is done properly, the does may produce 4 healthy kids. It is also during the flushing period that female goats are de-wormed and given vaccines to help keep their health up during the gestation period.

3. An extra footnote when it comes to breeding goats for meat: if does are geared to reproduce twice during the mating season, it is very likely that the second litter will only produce 1 to 2 kids. Some goat farmers either opt to have their animals mated twice, or decide on the flushing method instead. Combining both methods has proven to be detrimental in all the efforts for breeding goats for meat. Either the populace of the goat herd becomes too extensive that the animals become predisposed to disease, or the mum goats' health is compromised that further birthing for the following few year is almost unthinkable.

4. Even with all the science and technology available to goat farmers these days, nothing could beat a buck's (male goat) ability to detect female goats in heat. Investing in one or more buck for your goat farm could be a good idea. Or, you could invariably ask other goat farmers to "lend" you a male goat 2 weeks before your estimated time when most of other does come in heat.

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