How To Raise frogs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - Can you raise wild frogs?

Answer - Frogs can survive many years and can require a substantial amount of care, so it is recommended that you raise local species only for your first attempt. Use a soft net or small bucket to scoop up the tadpoles and place them in a transportable container filled with the water they are swimming in.

Question - Can you eat an edible frog?

Answer - While frogs and bullfrogs are eaten around the globe, perhaps the best frog for eating is the Pelophylax kl. esculentus. ... More than 20 species of edible frogs are eaten around the world. Exercise caution when using wild frogs for cooking as there are many poisonous species of frogs in the world.

Question - What do they feed farm raised frogs?

Answer - While some elaborate diet formulations have been developed for tadpole culture, and commercial salmon starter has also been used successfully, researchers in Nigeria recently reported on the relative performance of H. occipitalis tadpoles fed duckweed, pawpaw leaf and commercial fish feed

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