how to raise donkeys FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - Are donkeys difficult to raise?

Answer - If you can raise a horse then you can raise a donkey. Donkeys are much easier to live with than horses in this regard. You do not need to blanket your donkeys or lock them in a barn so that they stay warm.

Question - What do you need to manage a donkey?

Answer - Donkeys should have a clean, dry barn, or, at the very least, a three-sided shelter. You'll have to remove waste from their barn daily. Your donkey will also require to have access to some sort of pasturage, as it really requires some space to wander and nibble.

Question - Why do farmers raise donkeys?

Answer - Although often known as moody and hard to work with, donkeys, if trained right, can be loyal and effective farm animals that are naturally inclined to not only herd but also protect sheep and goats from predators such as coyotes and roaming dogs.

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