Raising poultry for meat

Men and women are rearing chickens in your home for an assortment of reasons, but one of the chief reasons is raising chickens for meat. The other reasons are include the truth that chicken droppings are rich in nitrogen and so they repair manure which can be sold or employed in vegetable or flower gardens, the truth that raising chickens can sometimes be a way of teaching kids valuable life lessons such as the benefits of rearing animals and the value of hard work, children are able to do learn skills that will come in handy at some point such as how to sell products, how to make use of different tools and how to treat animals, chickens make very good pets and rearing chickens makes it possible for families to get together among other benefits.

In these harsh economic times, the chief answer why people are rearing chickens is for their economic benefits. These comprise of raising the chickens for meat and raising them for eggs. This signifies that if you are interested in raising chickens as an origin of income, you have the choice of raising them for eggs or for meat. Each one of these options has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider carefully before making a choice.

Raising chickens for food is very advantageous because chicken meat and eggs are very nourishing. The eggs are whole foods containing vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats. They prevent cardiovascular diseases such as a coronary, blood clots and stroke among other ailments. Alternatively, chicken meat is white, meaning it does not contain cholesterol. It is consequently a great exchange for bloody meat for people who don't need cholesterol related ailments such as cardiovascular diseases.

When you raise chickens for eggs, you will probably be guaranteed between 250 and 300 eggs annually from each hen. Note that you should not let good egg layers to set on the eggs. For this reason, securing your future will be guaranteed by how much people are willing to pay for each egg. Eggs go for lots of days before turning bad without the need for refrigeration while slaughtered chicken have to be sold immediately or they have to be refrigerated - the latter being very costly. One disadvantage of raising chickens for eggs is that eggs are only produced by layers.

When raising chickens for meat, the greatest advantage is that even the layers can be slaughtered once they stop laying eggs regularly. Meat will fetch you more money than eggs and since there are new breeds that mature in 10 to 12 weeks, there is quick return on your investment.

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