Raising chickens at home

Raising chickens can sometimes be a lot of fun specially when unfortunately the rewards of all your time and effort you put into it. I recognize that you are desperate to start learning how to build a chicken coop and raise your chickens. So here are the basic principles on raising chickens.

First, you need to determine what size you want your chicken coop to be. This is established by the amount of chickens you want to keep. You want to build a big enough coop so that your chickens have room to nest and have a location to run outside. It is better to build a bigger coop than you need. You can always add more chickens, you just do not want to overcrowd them.

Next, decide on the kind of design you want your coop to be. For your first coop you may wish to build an inexpensive and easy coop. A plain coop issued of scraps of wood that you are able to find around the house or at your mates house will do just fine. Pick a design that includes coop features like nesting boxes, chicken feeders, chicken roosts, windows, and chicken runs. It's important to keep in mind what your chickens are going to need in their home.

Once you have your coop built, it's time to bring the chickens home. The optimal place to find your chickens is either from a breeder or a local feed shop preferably in the spring. There are approximately 13-15 common breeds of chickens found in feed stores. So be certain to ask which chicks are the most suitable for your needs. Chicks can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $3.00. That's about the price of a dozen fresh organic eggs. Just imagine how many eggs you will have from one chicken. If you are looking to eat your chickens, be certain to get the right breed. When choosing your chickens, look for chicks with clean beaks and feet. There should be no discharge from the eyes and nostrils. Be certain to listen to the chick, you should not be in a position to hear them breathe. If you hear wheezing, don't buy that chicken.

When you bring your chicks home, don't put them in the chicken coop just yet, they're way too young. Find a cardboard package or small cage and put some pine shavings in the bottom. They will live in the box for the following 60 days so be certain to keep the pine shavings clean to prevent your chicks from getting sick. You will need to keep these chicks warms so find a 100 watt light bulb that you are able to place in the corner of the box.

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