Keeping poultry at home

Before deciding on raising chickens free range, you should understand what it is all about and the merits and the demerits of raising them free range. You could then weigh the merits against the demerits. Raising chickens' free-range means letting the chickens roam freely and feed themselves. Although there are constraints, the idea is to let the chickens live in a setting that most resembles their natural setting. In some situations, you do not even pick the eggs, but it doesn't matter if you choose the eggs or kill the birds for meat, it is still free range.

One answer why men and women are into free range chicken is that organic free ranged chickens have more healthy eggs and meat. The meat and eggs of free range chicken are likewise better when equated with meat and eggs from factory raised chicken. This is as the chickens are allowed to live like they were meant to live, they are able to eat greens, worms and other bugs and no chemicals find their way into their systems.

Chickens that are elevated for commercial purposes are bred in such a manner that they develop completely in as little as six weeks while having something to eat economically and the layers are bred in such a manner that they produce large eggs regularly. These chickens are elevated in controlled environments, meaning they never get to exercise or get sunlight. This is the fact that their eggs and meat are tasteless and the topic of debate about their effects on the body.

There are lots of considerations to make when raising organic free range chickens. The most important is that you should feed them like they would if they weren't domesticated, meaning on whole grains that are not genetically modified. You can likewise feed them on pre-mixed organic feed, but you should ensure the feed does not have any antibiotics. As for water, just provide clean drinking water.

Another consideration is the quantity of space available. Free range chickens prefer foraging for their own food more than eating the whole grains or pre-mixed organic feed you give them. For this reason, the space should be sufficient for them to get enough food for themselves every day. If you do not have enough space and you still want free range chickens, you should only raise a a couple of them. On the chicken run, the ideal space for each chicken is between 12 and 15 square feet. For a chicken to qualify as free range, it must spend at least two hours daily outside, but the more hours the better.

An essential consideration when raising chickens free range is that while you allow the chicken to roam freely, you ought not to expose them to unnecessary danger. This can come in the sort of extreme weather like heavy downpour, extreme temperatures, etc., and dangers from predators like foxes, snakes and raccoons and hawks.

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