Keeping chickens in your garden

Raising backyard chickens has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Some benefits to raising chickens are that they're very inexpensive to keep. Raising chickens you will buy a source of protein in the eggs. These particular chicken eggs are more healthy. This is because you will get eggs that are free of hormones and free of antibiotics.

Other benefits to having your own chickens are that they're a source of pest control organically. They also help in taking away your table scraps. You are able to pay these left over table scraps to your chickens. Successively in addition you will receive fertilized manure for your garden or yard. Chickens are one of the best controllers of insects that are in your back garden.

You must realize that these birds do fly. They will fly up in trees at night or on the surface of the roof. They do this for their personal security. To prevent this there are two things that you are able to do. You can put money into a chicken coop to place them in at night or you can clip their wings. Clipping their wings will keep them grounded where they will not be able to fly.

When it comes to the chicken laying eggs you will realize that the eggs come in different colors and sizes. You can commence to search for eggs from your hen when she is around 6 months old. Dependent upon the breed the hens can lay eggs more in the first two years after they're 6 months old. Following the two years they lay eggs less often. You can anticipate your hen to live anywhere from six to ten years.

To care for your chickens you will need to food, water, a clean coop and a large enough area for them to roam around in. Be certain that the water is always clean so that your chickens can remain healthy. In the winter months you will need to make use of a heated poultry fountain. Another thing that you will need to do in order to care properly for your chickens is to ensure that they're housed properly. You definitely want to keep the predators faraway from your chickens.

Finally, in order to raise great backyard chickens you should put money into the right chickens breed for your aim. If your space is far from large then you may like to put money into the smaller chickens. If you have lots of land it might be wise for you to put money into the larger chickens who can lay more eggs. Whatever you select you need to understand that raising backyard chickens is simple to do.

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