How to raise chickens in the city

For everybody that are unable to decide if to raise chickens in the city, let me assure you, it's not only beneficial in that you can get free eggs and different things, like free fertilizer, and keeping the yard bug free, it is also tons of fun along with easier than one might think. All it takes is a small amount of research and some pre planning. One of the first items that should be kept in mind and considered is that chickens are social animals and require the company of other chickens so, if you do make up your mind to raise chickens in the city, you ought to get at least two chickens.

Here are some of the questions that you will need to answer first, and in all probability the most significant, do the city ordinances, in the city I live in, allow me to raise chickens in the city limits? If the ordinances do not permit chickens you will wind up needing to try to remove the chickens you purchased so, before you buy check the ordinances.

The next question, which will determine together with your local ordinances (some city's limit the quantity of chickens you can have), will determine how large a coop you can construct or purchase. If you haven't guessed it, the query is "How much space, do I have for a chicken coop?" The size of your coop will partially determine how many chickens you can keep because, overcrowding your chickens will adversely impact them, in particular when you are raising chickens in the city for their eggs, unhappy or crowded chicken won't lay eggs on a regular basis.

Speaking of eggs takes us to the next question, "Why, do I wish to raise chickens in the city for starters, is it for their eggs or is it for meat?" This question is essential when find out what variety of chicken is better for you. Chickens bred for meat will reach slaughter weight in about twelve weeks and as with most chickens, will lay eggs at around six months old although, since bred for their meat the egg production can be spotty at best. Now on the other hand a chicken bred for her eggs will begin to produce around six months old and if kept happy and stress free, will lay with just one egg a day for many years.

Now you are in all likelihood asking yourself do I really have the time to look after chickens if I do make up your mind to raise chickens in the city? Well, let me inform you, it doesn't take any more time to look after chickens than it does to look after a dog. If you allow your chickens to roam freely in your backyard, they will keep the yard bug free so, between feeders that will have to be refilled every 2 to 3 days and the bugs in the backyard, feeding is fairly easing. The sole thing left is to ensure they have lots of water and are secured in the evening to keep them from harm from predators which by the way, will determine the type of chicken coop that will be best to fit your needs.

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