How to raise chickens for profit

There's something about economic pressures and hard times that give people the desire to become more self-reliant. It's been evident in every previous economic slowdown. Even during the World Wars trends like Victory Gardens popped all over the USA. The basic needs of food, clothing and shelter become the priority once more. Our nations current economic crisis has a few American citizens returning their focus to these basic needs. A growing trend nowadays is the backyard chicken flock.

Why are raising chickens useful? The grounds are endless but I'll list five economic reasons first.

Chickens are cheap.

If you are bound to raise an animal to provide for you family, chickens are among the most inexpensive. Chicks usually cost between $2 and $3 each. After that initial cost, the ongoing cost of chicken feed and wood shavings are likewise very inexpensive.

Chickens need hardly any space.

Most breeds of chickens require very few sq ft of space per chicken to be happy. Small chicken flocks are getting more popular even in urban backyards as a consequence of the ease of raising chickens in a small space.

Chickens need hardly any of your time.

Once your chickens are settled in, you need only spend a few minutes a day looking after them. I monitor my flock twice a day. In the morning before work and in the evening before bed, I merely refill the feeders and waterers. The shavings need to be changed once every body to three months depending on the size of your flock. Do it on a nice day or on a weekend when you have about 20 minutes to spare.

Chickens make you breakfast.

Think of the satisfaction of knowing that your loved ones will not go hungry or lack the nutritional protein that they need as long as you've your own egg production in your backyard. After tasting or baking with fresh eggs you'll wonder why you didn't make up your mind to raise chickens sooner. Some chicken breeds will lay upwards of 300 eggs or more annually. Three chickens will supply you with nearly 1000 eggs each year.

Chickens provide pest control and fertilizer.

While your chickens are eating harmful grubs and menacing mosquitoes, they will also fertilize your lawn and garden. Some may not believe this part of raising chickens is exciting until they see how useful it may be. It is attainable to accomplish odorless composting in your own backyard. Compost the chickens' manure and shavings in addition to grass clippings and household veggie scraps. Then use the compost to help your vegetable garden or patio garden. Raising chickens can help you raise more nutritious vegetables for your loved ones.

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