How do you raise chickens

Who should raise their own chickens? Why, you obviously! Raising chickens is not difficult-- in point of fact, it is a great deal of fun and exhilarating. Lots of people, urban and suburban, are re-discovering the delight of raising their own produce and meat/dairy products. Naturally, you should investigate zoning laws for your county, town or city, to make sure having your feathered friends around is legitimate. You will also need to analyse if your surroundings are acceptable to raise these harried hens and cackling cockerels (little boy chickens)!

Why raise your own chickens? Ask not what you are able to do for your chickens, but what your chickens can do for you! Foremost, chickens give YOU something in return for all your efforts... good, great tasting eggs. You may never can return to " outlet" bought eggs again once you've had your own eggs--they have TASTE! And, as you feed and care for your own chickens, you might have the relief that your eggs are hormone, chemical, and bacterias free. (Have you ever noticed the warning message on your carton of outlet bought eggs???) Additionally having your own supply of great tasting eggs, you will benefit from having your own recycling center.

Chickens love table scraps! They eat just about any thing! From there, you will marvel at the next by product from your brooding beauties...nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Your back-yard garden will simply love you for all the nutrition you are putting back into the soil. Additionally all of this, you should have a natural pest- controls, as chickens will hunt and peck out slugs, grasshoppers, ants, and lots of other unwanted bugs in the garden, or around the house! But perhaps the greatest pleasures of raising chickens is that chickens are in reality very entertaining and a delight to watch!

When should you begin raising chickens? Well, that is part of the reason I am writing this article. Now is the time to start thinking, planning and preparing for your new chicken "operation." You'll ought to be ready to acquire your chickens starting anywhere from March to mid-June, depending on the area you live and where you get your chickens. Most mail-order hatcheries start mailing their chicks during this moment, and you can also find chicks at your local "feed" stores during this same period of time.

Where should you buy your chickens? There are lots of online hatcheries, or mail-order hatcheries across the US. I recommend that you find a hatchery that is nearest to your house, as these chicks must travel through the postal service. If you use a mail-order hatchery, you ought to be conscious of there is normally a nominal amount order of 25 chicks.

If you don't want that lots of pullets (girl chicks) or cockerels (see previous definition), you have a couple of options. Option one would be to separate the order with a pal. Option two would be to go to a feed outlet and select the number of chicks you want. The nicest thing about going through a mail-order hatchery is that you are sure to get the breed of chicken you want, the sex of the chicken, and you can also mix and match your order to incorporate other "fowl" type birds, like turkeys, ducks, or exotic type chickens if you so choose!

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