Guide to raising chickens

There are quite a few factors why people raise chicken. After all, individuals have been raising chicken since 5400 BC. The domestication of the chicken has largely developed into a primary food production undertaking for human ingestion. Today, there are more domesticated chickens in farm houses than there are wild fowl in woods across the world.

And why would you and I want to raise chicken?

I have my own reasons, and you in all likelihood have yours, too. For me, I just want to can go back to the old charm of the countryside after spending sometime in the city. I want to enjoy the smell of natural flowers, feel the caress of fresh air, climb mountains, wade through rivers, and feel at liberty and refreshed in the midst of it all. Perhaps, there is an anthropological explanation to this. I believe there is a natural yearning in everyone of us to be in the midst of nature and our natural sources of food.

But, obviously, I likewise need to carry on working to have something to feed my family - and I think poultry-raising is not such an awful idea. Aside from obtaining a steady source of income from chicken eggs and meat, I can also have a steady supply of fresh chicken and eggs for my family's ingestion. With the amount of organic eggs in groceries hitting $4 twelve, raising chicken in your own backyard is certainly a most welcome idea.

Let me give you a rundown of the other advantages of raising chicken in your own backyard:

Eggs from free range chickens are healthier and more ideal for human ingestion. Commercially farmed chicken are fed an unnatural diet, mostly chemically produced feeds that are meant to create more eggs quickly and inexpensively. This leads to layers that produce eggs that are less nourishing than those produced by chickens allowed to roam around a barn, scratch and search for their own food, and live in natural, open environment.

Eggs of backyard, free range chicken are naturally more nutritious and more flavorful than commercial eggs produced by chickens perpetually in a state of confinement.

Raising backyard chicken teaches children about responsibility and origins of their food.

Chicken droppings can enrich the caliber of soil in your backyard. They may be a resource of cheaper, healthier, natural fertilizer for your garden,

When foraging for food around your backyard, chickens serve as natural pest deterrent

These are a few advantages. There are now many more benefits, but there is just not enough space to include them here. For one, tending chickens is not as demanding as taking care of dogs or other household animals. Chickens do not need to be bathed or taken for a stroll, unlike your favorite Labrador or German Shepherd. They just must be fed and given clean water like all natural pets. Obviously, you need to keep the coop clean and the chickens inspected regularly to make sure that they are healthy.

You can involve your kids in these pursuits, including picking up eggs on a daily basis. As a child, I remember watching a mom hen lay her egg everyday. My brother and I had to awaken really early early in the day to watch this daily ritual. It's a memory I totally enjoyed recalling to my kids even before we decided to move to this farmhouse. My brother and I carry on relish the memory to this day.

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