Can I keep chickens in my garden?

Many people want to know how to raise chickens and ways to yield more eggs and meat. The yield hinges on various aspects including the kind of breed you grow, the food you use, the shelter you provide and, obviously, the care you provide. It is relatively simple, but effort consuming to raise chicks healthily. When you provide the right care, you will like fresh and tasty eggs and meat. Look into the steps that give you a concept on how to raise chickens successfully:

Choose carefully the breed you like to raise: Practically speaking, there are now many more than a hundred chicken breeds. Therefore, you could be a little puzzled when producing your choice of breed. To avoid this, first examine what you have to get from raising chickens. You can either raise them for eggs, for meat or just for fun. You should select a breed, dependent on your requirements. In this manner, you have access to the utmost satisfaction from raising chickens.

Give them a correct shelter: After picking out the breed, you should afford the chickens a good shelter. To provide for optimal security, it is advisable to make a chicken coop. These give protection to the birds by keeping them safe from predators and the elements. The coop will also give them warmth, as long as it is equipped with enough lights. It is better, if the shelter has a nesting area with nesting boxes where the chickens can lay their eggs.

Right food for better health: In as much as health is involved, the chicks should be let run free in an area that has insects, bugs and seeds for them to eat. Provide the birds with healthy and balanced feed in addition to with nourishing supplements to make certain they will live long. Give them enough water that is clean. This will help the chicks grow more healthy and lay eggs more easily.

Look after them from diseases: Protecting the chicks from diseases is a leading factor that you should look at when raising chickens. Once you arrange for inoculations, you'll have no problem with raising chickens. More often than not, chicks are sensitive and they are inclined to diseases. The most commonplace ailment that chickens can get is Coccidiosis. Remember that this disease is contagious and will spread easily to other chicks. As opposed to worrying about curing it, It is best to prevent it before in advance. Learn all about this disease before raising chickens.

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