Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens

So you are considering raising chickens? This has become a very popular hobby for people in the last 5 years, particularly as there has been an elevated center on self sufficiency with the recession and the progressively 'greening' economy that we're living in.

Chickens are fairly low maintenance and can provide a good deal of 'low cost' pleasure. So what are a few of the benefits of raising chickens?

Chickens Love Foodscraps! - Chickens will eat the majority of your foodscraps, so don't throw away anything that is expired or outdated! If you tend to have a lot of food scraps, this can make maintenance chickens quite operationally effective!

Free Eggs - Eggs are an unbelievable spin-off of raising chickens. Eggs have a superior level of protein and are fantastic for doing scrambled eggs or omelettes for the first meal of the day, in addition to other recipes for cakes or lunches.

Chickens are great fertilizers! - Chickens are a fantastic source of fertilizer for the land. They lay 50% of their poop in the evening and if you have your chicken roosts set up with poop trays you can collect the majority of this poop each morning and use for fertilizer.

Low Maintenance Pets - Chickens are in general low maintenance. They need feeding and watering once a day. Waterers and feeders should be investigated daily along with these can become clogged, or if you reside in a cold climate water can become frozen as well. You should think about cleaning your coops at least once a week, with a capable spring clean every 6 months or so.

Fresh Meat - Whilst some individuals raise chickens just for their eggs, others raise chickens for their meat as well. In the present environment, individuals have a higher expectation of wanting to know where their food is from and greater control of the stipulations it was raised in. So in raising chickens themselves, people know precisely where their food is originating.

There are fantastic benefits to raising chickens, we have outlined some above. One of the greatest benefits all the same, is the pure enjoyment for you and your family seeing your chickens scratch and forage around. Once you have decided to raise chickens, after that your next decision has to be how to build a chicken coop!

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