What Is Required In Rasing Cattle

Whatever your main purpose in raising cattle is - for meat, for breeding or for dairy - you should have them adequately fed; so that your cattle could in turn supply a respectable turnout.

Now, left to their own devices, cattle would forage, but what if your ranch doesn't cover hundred of acres for pasture? There is a current debate in the cattle industry regarding cattle feeding. There are advocates of pasture feeding while a few promote the advantages of feedlots, where cattle are fed with hay, usually in small amounts, and supplements such as grain and soy.

Yet, most ranchers chose to implement an integrated livestock farming system where cattle equipment such as cattle feeders are used as a way to efficiently give food and supplements to cattle. The thing is, feedlots or no feedlots, you would still need to give dietary supplement for your cattle. Cattle need plant protein, especially during the late summer season where there is a drop in plant protein; in that situation, you are bound to need cattle feeders. Sure, you can utilize practically any fairly-sized bin you can find, but if you want production to be more streamlined (and to avoid getting your cattle's foot and head caught somewhere), you would need equipment that was built specifically for feeding cattle.

Cattle feeders come in various sizes, colors, materials, and of course, prices, ranging from a hundred dollars to a few thousand bucks, with its price dependent on the material used and its capacity.

There are several sorts of cattle feeders on the market today. The most frequent are creep feeders, bale feeders, bunk feeders and bull mineral feeders.

Creep feeders are feeding equipment where height adjustment mechanisms are used as a way to allow calves to eat while the large animals are securely kept out. Some creep feeders are stationary while others have an ATV function, which is very helpful in larger farms. Mobile creep feeders allow ranchers to feed their cattle, practically anywhere, eliminating the call to move a herd in long distances.

Bale feeders are cheaper when equated with Creep feeders, as these cattle feeders do not have height adjustment mechanisms.

Bunk feeders are a superb choice for farmers going to use feeding equipment for multiple livestock. Some bunk feeders even incorporate a liner that you are able to replace without any difficulty.

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