Raising Cattle Beginners Tips

If this is your first occasion to be raising cattle, here are some rudimentary tips and advice to consider. When it comes to raising cattle, the most obvious thing you must have is a farm. You also need wide green pastures. Use the cattle to your advantage because having cattle is also another way of maintaining a farm. Just bear in mind the quantity of forage you have, it must be sufficient for the cows.

To be adept at raising cattle, you have to learn and experience handling them. Work on them at your farm yourself and if you require any help, call for help from those you deem to be experts, such as your coach in agriculture or a livestock specialist. Next, get linked with the various cattle raisers in the area. They'll be current with what's going on on the market as well. As for your own additional knowledge, read journals and magazines about raising cattle and how to deal with a farm. You don't have to incorporate all that you've learned, only choose what would fit the needs of your farm.

Here's a tip on when you should buy cattle for your farm, make purchases during the fall. The cattle will be at a cheaper price since this is the time they are mostly marketed at present of the year. For beginners, there's no problem in setting up with commercial cattle or purebred. If you want to save some money, use grade cows and just upgrade the breed of your cattle using reputable bulls. They cost less and are available most of the time.

They key to successfully raising cattle is you have to treat them well. To put it simply, be nice to them and you won't have any trouble handling wild and uncontrollable cattle, including the bulls. Stay calm and do not hurry or battle with them. Your relationship with cattle thrives on kindness.

In winter, do not care about it much because cattle can stand extreme temperatures whether very hot or cold. There have been researches that those exposed to winter out in the field made even better gains than those retained barns. Or you could in addition try this option, open one side of the barn during winter for the cattle.

Regrettably, not all cows will be productive. You have to be selective and do away with those that don't produce well. Take into consideration that it costs just as much to take care of a productive cow as low productive cow.

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