Guide to Andalusian Horses

Technically, livestock denotes animals that are reared for food, fiber, or labor. One or more of the popular livestock animals is the horse. There are quite a few breeds of the animal that might be raised for labor, mobility, and food. One of the most sought-after is the Andalusian horse.

You likely are hooked to the Lord of the Rings movies, a favorite depiction of author J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga. If you are a fanatic, you should have noticed the pleasurable horse that carried the hobbit Frodo to the Ford of Bruinen.

If you are that keen on each detail of the good movie series, then, you are intimate with Asfaloth, the name of that sturdy horse. No, the horse wasn't computer generated. It was a real, live, breathing horse. Wonder no more about the breed of that horse. It is what is known as today as an Andalusian horse. Andalusian horses are one of the most elegant-looking horse breeds ever known and raised by mankind.

Sturdiness and reliable stance had made Andalusian horses the top pick to constitute the cavalry mounts of the former royalties of the ancient Romans and Greeks. These horses look extremely elegant. More than that, they are vigorous and are proven to endure all types of physical exhaustions.

Pure breed

Andalusian horses are among those horses that are identified to have pure breeds. As reported by studies, this horse breed originates from the Iberian peninsula of Spain, that is perfect for raising livestock because of its ideal surroundings, natural resources, and responsible citizenry.

As a pure breed, it is estimated approximately 80% of all Andalusian horses are grey in color. Some Andalusians also come in chestnut, black and bay colors. An Andalusian horse that bears other colors surely is crossbred. Therefore, skin color is one characteristic that indicates pure breed.

The looks and overall appearance of the Andalusian horses is somehow compact when equated with other breeds of horses. They have an almost perfect bone structure and normally have extremely clean and rounded legs. They're tall and have convex-profiled large heads with long, shiny and pleasurable mane.

Uses of Andalusian horses

Through the years, horse breeders have been raising Andalusian horses for numerous other purposes. For one, Spanish horse breeders have been raising the animals for bullfighting and farm and cattle work. Some breeders put money into them horses for equestrian pursuits. The physical agility of this breed makes the horses ideal for assorted sporting and recreational occasions like show jumping and dressage.

As horses, Andalusians in other places of the world are also thought to be beasts of burden. That is why they are now and again domesticated to help farmers in rural areas carry out rigorous farming tasks. In other places of the world, Andalusians are used as a great means of transportation. A horse rider can readily ride its back and maneuver the direction. Some put carts into the horses' backs so a amount of people and some merchandise can be accommodated.

Horse's attitude

Andalusians, according to expert horse trainers, are simple to teach since they're naturally intelligent. Therefore, these horses are perfect for dressage, where the horse rider can maneuver the horse's running direction employing only hand movements. They're docile. That is why they can be easily tamed. They seldom turn savage although they are exceedingly provoked. This characteristic of the Andalusian horses makes the animals safe and perfect for all sorts of taming.

Andalusians are truly one of the most lovable, reliable, pleasurable and tamed horse breeds. You should consider them if your planning to raise livestock for farming and lots of other purposes.

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