Breeding Beef Livestock for Profit

Beef cattle or beef cows are reared mainly for meat production. Their meat is cut into ground beef for sausages or burger patties, ribs, steaks, and roasts. Beef cattle is raised not just for meat, but also for other purposes. For instance, the insides of the cattle are utilized as an ingredient for cosmetic and hair maintenance systems, while the hides are used as materials of leather products like shoes and bags. As a result of their versatility, beef cows are viewed as a profitable livestock option for enterprising individuals.

You have plenty of alternatives when looking at beef cattle breeds. A few of the hottest breeds include the Long Horn, the Brahman, the Hereford, and the Black Angus. The White Park, which originates from Ireland and Great Britain, is a tough strain of beef cattle.

If your looking for profitable beef cattle that you will raise in a small farm, you will never go wrong with the Texas Longhorn. This beef cattle has horns that grow as long as 120 inches. Texas Longhorns are ideal to raise even in dry climate as they can endure that condition.

Another famous beef cattle breed is the Murray Grey from Eastern Australia. A crossbreed of the Angus bull and a Shorthorn cow, the Murray Grey is widely exported to different countries for breeding. The Murray Grey is great for farmers who are looking for beef cows that are simple to look after.

Australian Brafords can withstand daytime heat and resist tick infestation. They are a crossbreed of Brahmans and Herefords. The Longhorns that come from the Midlands of England are medium-sized and resilient beef cows. Their very long horns have a curve that forms a circle. In Brazil, the famous beef cattle breed is the Nelore that is a native strain of India.

The abovementioned breeds are just some of the good alternatives when looking at raising beef cattle for profit. Other than the breed, there are a few considerations you should think about when taking care of beef cows. First, you ought to feed your cows with the right sum of food. Give them fresh water to prevent them from getting dehydrated. Ensure that they get enough nourishment. Over the course of time, taking proper care of your beef cows will give you monetary rewards.

You should have ample pasture space for grazing of your beef cattle, regardless of how small your farm is. If your space obtainable for grazing is not sufficient, you can compensate for it by providing good grades of hey. This solution also proves to be helpful during winter when the farm is covered in snow.

Have you ever wanted to generate an income from raising beef cattle but have no concept about the right way to do it? You must learn first the fundamental principles of raising livestock like beef cows before you even think about buying one. A lot of books and online resources are around for supply you with your needed details on taking care of beef cattle properly.

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