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Numberblocks Three Little Pigs (S01E08) 2017 learn the number Preschool

This is Walt Disneys The Three Liitle Pigs childrens story. The images have been scanned at high quality, and the record digitized and cleaned as much as I can without losing the tonal clarity. It has then been edited into a short animated story to bring back memories in the big kids out there, and also something innocent and wonderful to watch for your new batch!\r
I originally did these for my little Niece, as I thought that she would love to see what her Daddy listened to and read as a child.\r
I hope you and your kids enjoy it too.

The superhero readers visit the tale of The Three Little Pigs, hoping to find out a little bit about building from the young Poppa Pig.

Have you ever tried duck or quail eggs?

https://filmow.com/the-three-little-pigs-t264214/ The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs\r
Watch this classic fairy tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. The 3 pigs must leave home and start life on \r
their own. They build houses of straw, sticks and bricks. The big bad wolf wants to huff and puff to blow down their houses. \r
Watch to see what happens to the three pigs! \r
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