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In this video a buffalo strike with the car at yellowstone road .

Known for its small size, the Pygmy Hog is the smallest species of wild pig. Scientifically known as Porcula salvania and Nol Gahori or Takuri Borah in Assamese, it is found only in the grassland of Manas Tiger Reserve of Assam in India. In the past they were found in a narrow belt of grassland south of Himalayan foothills in Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, Bihar, North Bengal and Assam.

With features like that of a Wild boar, but relatively much smaller than even a baby wild boar, the adult Pygmy Hog measures about 65 cm (25 inches) in length and 25 cm (10 inches) in height and weighs in at around 8 to 9 kgs or under 20 pounds. Males are little bigger than females and can be identified by their moustache. Newborn babies weigh only 150 – 200 grams. A vestigial tail and only three pairs of mammary glands distinguish it from the wild boar, which, despite being much larger, often gets confused with pygmy hogs. Pygmy Hogs survive in tall grasslands and feed on roots, tubers, wild-fruits, termites, earthworms and eggs found in the grasslands.

With the extinction of tall, wet grasslands in the region, the Pygmy Hog is currently restricted to a single viable population in the wild in Manas Tiger Reserve and couple of reintroduced populations in Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary and Orang National Park, all in North-Western Assam. Pygmy Hog is also mentioned in the red list category of the IUCN and is categorized as ‘Critically Endangered,’ putting it among the most threatened of all mammals. Although accurate numbers are not known, it is estimated that there may be only a few hundred, probably less than 300, Pygmy Hogs left in the wild.

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It can be hard to find the perfect gifts for a couple on their wedding day. What do you get them that’ll make their day extra special? How about a llama? Nicole’s sister managed to find a pair of llamas to make a surprise appearance at her marriage to Keith since they’re Nicole’s very favorite animals. Good thing it’s llamas that Nicole loves instead of something like honey badgers!