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Matthew McConaughey was in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, on Saturday, November 4, to help the Wild Turkey Distillery dish out 4,500 frozen turkeys to local families.

McConaughey, who turned 48 on November 4, helped distribute the turkeys, which were donated by Butterball, along with 250 other volunteers, according to local media.

This video of McConaughey, who is the distiller’s acting creative director, giving one resident a frozen turkey shared by Yelp Lexington had earned over 1,600 likes at the time of writing. Credit: Instagram/yelplexington via Storyful

Introduced to China in the 1930s, pigeon racing is a popular sport among the older generation. China now holds over 10,000 races a year, with some offering prizes as high as $1 million.

Dong Xiaobo is a pigeon trainer in Beijing and spends more than $85,000 a year on his birds. For Dong and his team, it’s more than just a sport—it’s a passion.

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By Mollie Mansfield A father-of-four has dubbed himself the ‘Real Life Dr. Dolittle’ for owning an array of exotic pets – including a 35 STONE bear. Jonah White, 49, has been raising wild animals his whole life – but decided in 2014 that he would make these creatures his ‘pets’. The business owner currently has […]