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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic S05E13 – Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep

Did you know that Himalayan sheep dogs such as Bhotias and gaddis are equipped with metal studded and spiked collars? This is to prevent Common leopards and Snow Leopards from attacking them and getting away with killing them. Since leopard strike at the neck to kill an animal, they get surprised and thus repulsed by the metal spikes and tend to drop the animal right away.

So when you go trekking into the Himalaya, don’t be surprised when you see the cute or occasionally frightening looking sheep dogs wear these strange metallic thick and heavy collars!

This particular pooch was seen outside our campsite eating the remains of the sheep that the porters had cooked the night before!

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Heer – Full HD Video Song – Baa Baaa Black Sheep – Maniesh Paul -Manjari Fadnnis -Mika Singh- Mahalakshmi – HDEntertainment

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