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An ingenious farmer has found a new way to keep his turkeys in check – by herding them with a SHEEP DOG.

Frustrated with foxes picking off his birds during the night, John Wright realised Molly the collie had a talent for turkey hustling three years ago.

With 1,400 turkeys to keep in check, John revealed it could take up to four people around three hours to get the birds back inside their shed every night.


Directed by
Karthik Venugopalan

Direction team:
S Hariharan Ram
Swineeth S Sukumar
Anand K
Rajkumar Kandhasamy
Yuvaraj Chinnasamy

Sudhir Azeez Babu

Camera team:
Arun Arumugam
Godson Gnanaraj
Adan Aravind

Editing & Vfx:
Gokul Venkat

Ganesh Subramanian

Bala Muruga

Chutti Aravind
Sri Vidya
Balaji Thiyagarajan Dayalan

In this funny animal video, a sheep charges an unsuspecting fisherman and knocks him right into the lake.


Sheep helped the Faroe Islands get on Google Maps!

How do you map the Faroe Islands if Google Street View won’t? Use a sheep!

We have therefore made our very own: we called it Sheep View!

Our innovative campaign to capture the islands by strapping cameras onto sheep went viral and it also caught the attention of the tech giant who later helped us with more professional equipment and now we are finally on Google Street View:

Check out the Faroe Islands on Google Street View:

Jackie Chan Adventures S03E08 Sheep In, Sheep Out

Sheep in the Big City Season 1 Episode 13 – Mistaken Identi-Sheep

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