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Berkshire Bank Exciting Rewind Ducks Capitalize In Offensive Zone To Extend Lead Over Bruins

Twenty-three years ago, the United States started an experiment: What would happen if U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released grey wolves in the West?

The results are mixed.

To their credit, wolves have successfully controlled the grass-munching elk and deer populations of the Northern Rockies. That means they also leave more habitat available for other species, from bugs to beneficial algae.

But wolves aren’t picky. And ranchers’ cows make for easy targets. In states like Idaho, where wolves were released two decades ago, ranchers can protect their herds by killing wolves, and the states allow wolf trophy hunts to further thin packs.

But in Oregon, ranchers are caught between the wolves killing cows on their grazing grounds and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which has strict rules against killing wolves in all but the rarest circumstances.

Ranchers who keep losing cattle to wolves, and the residents of Eastern Oregon who rely on the economy created by the cattle industry, have long argued the state of Oregon should loosen the rules around wolf kills, and let ranchers kill whole packs of wolves.

For the first time, last year, the state allowed for just that — four wolves from the Harl Butte Pack of northeastern Oregon were killed. Environmentalists decried the wolf killings as unnecessary and cruel.

Ranchers here hope it’s just the start.

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Residents in one Paradise Valley neighborhood are angry at one of their neighbors who has a large collection of alpacas on their property.

A truck transporting chickens to the abattoir rolled over on a highway near Lismore on November 27, with local animal activists reportedly getting into an altercation with authorities while trying to rescue survivors.

The Northern Star reported a truck rolled over on the Bruxner Highway at Goonellabah just before 7am. While the driver suffered no serious injuries, yellow crates filled with up to 6,000 chickens were strewn across the road. While many were seen wandering the road, others were killed in the impact.

Volunteers from local shelter Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary, which takes in rescued farm animals, arrived at the crash site and said they were horrified to see the dead birds. While trying to help the chickens, a volunteer said she was confronted by officers who accused her of breaching a bio-hazard area.

While emergency and animal rescue crews continued clean-up and rescue, they allowed a volunteer to take one of the chickens on the condition they leave the area. The chicken, whom they named Clarabelle, was at time of publication in the care of the volunteers. The teenage volunteers remained a “bit shaken up” by the scenes they witnessed. Credit: Facebook/Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary via Storyful

When Pigs Fly | #2 | My channel is being taken over!

Clashes in Tamil Nadu’s Palani after a group seized a truck carrying calves,police resort to lathicharge, Watch this video

तमिलनाडु के पलानी जिले में बछड़ों को ले जा रहे ट्रक को रोकने पर दो गुट आपस में ही भिड़ गए। वही ये मामला बातचीत से शुरू होकर मारपीट तक जा पहुंचा। वही मौके पर पहुंची पुलिस ने दोनों गुटों को रोकने के लिए लाठीचार्ज किया। देखें लाठीचार्ज का वीडियो

Footage has emerged from China of a two-metre-tall ostrich running loose on a road trying to escape from its owner.

The video, captured in Shanwei, Guangdong Province on Tuesday, shows the ostrich running on the road while farmers try to catch it.

As the bird tries to run into a nearby field it can be seen falling over.

According to local reports, the ostrich escaped from a nearby farm, it was eventually brought back to its owner.

China explosion Rabbits, chicken and pigeons placed near scene of Tianjin blast to calm fears over

CBS Sports NHL writer Cody Benjamin breaks down Nashville’s Western Conference Finals series win over Anaheim as the Predators are headed to their first-ever Stanley Cup Final. The team will face the winner of the Penguins-Senators series.

CBS Sports NHL writer Cody Benjamin recaps Nashville’s road victory over Anaheim in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. Predators now lead the series 3-2 over the Ducks heading into Monday’s Game 6.