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When Pigs Fly | #2 | My channel is being taken over!

Clashes in Tamil Nadu’s Palani after a group seized a truck carrying calves,police resort to lathicharge, Watch this video

तमिलनाडु के पलानी जिले में बछड़ों को ले जा रहे ट्रक को रोकने पर दो गुट आपस में ही भिड़ गए। वही ये मामला बातचीत से शुरू होकर मारपीट तक जा पहुंचा। वही मौके पर पहुंची पुलिस ने दोनों गुटों को रोकने के लिए लाठीचार्ज किया। देखें लाठीचार्ज का वीडियो

Footage has emerged from China of a two-metre-tall ostrich running loose on a road trying to escape from its owner.

The video, captured in Shanwei, Guangdong Province on Tuesday, shows the ostrich running on the road while farmers try to catch it.

As the bird tries to run into a nearby field it can be seen falling over.

According to local reports, the ostrich escaped from a nearby farm, it was eventually brought back to its owner.

China explosion Rabbits, chicken and pigeons placed near scene of Tianjin blast to calm fears over

CBS Sports NHL writer Cody Benjamin breaks down Nashville’s Western Conference Finals series win over Anaheim as the Predators are headed to their first-ever Stanley Cup Final. The team will face the winner of the Penguins-Senators series.

CBS Sports NHL writer Cody Benjamin recaps Nashville’s road victory over Anaheim in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. Predators now lead the series 3-2 over the Ducks heading into Monday’s Game 6.

Wonder what they would do with a red laser light.

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Hey! My name is seyyy (Sayhoo) and today we are going to play Minecraft Adventure Map called “When pigs take over 3”
Well part 1 and 2 you can find on my yt channel, i don’t heave them on my drive so i cannot upload ’em here.

Have fun 😉

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A beautiful clip has emerged from Canada of a massive flock of geese flying in a “v” over a lake in the Laurentian Mountains.

The Canada goose or Branta canadensis is native to the arctic and North America.

Its migration occasionally reaches northern Europe.

It has been introduced to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands.

These little baby dwarf quails are 24 hours old and can now welcome Thorin.
This is how the animals learn from the beginning.