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Backyard Chickens Laying\r
I got all excited so I just had to make a video update. The video basically says the rest. But in summary, there is no sense in trying different tricks of gimmicks to make the birds lay, just let nature take its course. \r
Logically to me, one would not feel the need to encourage laying, until they feel the birds are already at or past the expected lay date. So then you get a false positive (for all the people that swear it works). Say my birds are 24 weeks old and should be laying any day now. So Im impatient, and place an egg in the box. The next day a bird lays an egg. Now I would think my trick worked, when really she would have probably laid that egg anyway. \r
It really was entertaining to see how the birds inspected that egg, rolled it around and played with it.\r
Checking back Monday afternoon, now Im confused. The nest that was built has been ruffed up again and reduced back to just loose hay. The egg was rolled next door into the adjacent nest box. I dont know what these crazy birds are doing, but its driving me crazy!

We are taking you through our butchering process, including catching, killing, scalding, plucking, gutting, cleaning, and cooking the chickens. This video details the process on our 3 year old egg laying hens.\r
Whizbang chicken plucker and scalder instructions available from:

komorner tumbler pigeon, laying on egg.

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I saw her looking very weak, I got her and let her lay an egg on my hand , its really amazing .

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Today, we get a visit from a very special, old friend, McDuck! However, this time he has brought along a ton of his colourful friends that lay anything from Coal to DIAMONDS! Be careful though as these Chickens aren’t only hostile, but some of them can breathe fire, poison you and even more so make sure you check out this awesome mod!

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The definitive guide to why your chickens aren’t laying eggs. 20 possible reasons, PLUS the solutions for each potential problem.

Lisa Steele’s (FreshEggsDaily.com) original article, “20 Reasons You’re Chickens Aren’t Laying Eggs”: http://bit.ly/1Q6hXtT