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A man and an ostrich walk into a restaurant…

Dora and Friends Into the City! S01E09 – Mystery of the Magic Horses

Ugandan poultry farmers have found a new way of making huge profits from the trade. Quail farming has become a goldmine for poultry farmers as demand for the bird and its eggs rises. \r
Most poultry farmers are now replacing chicken with quails or rearing the two birds concurrently as expected huge returns lure many others to join the trade. The craze for the quail and its eggs is growing fast in Uganda and can only be compared to a fad for brewed coffee that swept Ugandans some years ago.

Lions Chase Buffaloes Into Tourist’s Car

The Ducks beat the Red Wings 4-2 Friday night behind a go-ahead goal from Corey Perry and another by Ryan Kesler. The Ducks now hold a share of the second wild card.

This is the terrifying moment a pick-up truck over-loaded with chickens loses control on a bend and topples over – into the path of a motorcyclist.

The vehicle was stacked 10ft high with poultry from a local farm when it approached the sharp corner in Phayo province, Thailand, yesterday (Wed) morning.

Appearing to be travelling at some sped, the driver lost control and the truck teetered agonisingly on its right wheels before crashing down onto its side.

Shockingly, the truck clattered into an on-coming woman who was riding along slowly on her moped, oblivious to the danger ahead.

The driver, Araya Chaiyawut, 26, emerged unscathed from the wreckage and was interviewed by police.

While the woman was rushed to hospital with injuries. Local officials said the motorcyclist was now stable and recovering in hospital.

A spokesman for the the government municipal agency said: ”Emergency workers took the injured woman to hospital very quickly and she is now safe.

”Police are investigating the cause of the accident and why the pick-up truck tipped over on the corner.”

In today’s video my quails move into their new DIY coop


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