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Minnies Home Makeover App Game Episode Rabbits Beach House\r
Team up with Minnie, Daisy, and Cuckoo-Loca to design, furnish, and decorate dream homes for your customers! Select from dozens of materials, furniture, fixtures, and other fun features to decorate all kinds of different houses exly as you like!\r
• Decorate 4 houses in each of 3 themed neighborhoods: Town, Beach, and Mountain View.\r
• Customize Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Dining Rooms!\r
• Use fun tools like the glitter hose and rainbow brush.\r
• Beautify your spaces with tons of different materials, paint colors, carpets, wallpapers, window treatments, and floor tiles. \r
• Choose from a wide range of fun furniture.\r
• Accessorize your homes with awesome wall decorations, light fixtures, flowers, and even a piñata!\r
• Celebrate after you finish each house with confetti poppers and earn special decorative items!\r
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To ensure their safety, a veritable ark of animals from a farm in Key West was transported to a county jail in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. Crates filled with reptiles lined one room, replacing nearly 460 jail inmates that were evacuated to another facility just before Irma hit. InsideEdition.com’s Keleigh Nealon (https://twitter.com/KeleighNealon) has more.

African pygmy geese at home, recorded with trailcam

A care home for elderly has brought in some very special helpers – 3 sensitive and sweet alpacas.

One resident described the loving nature of the gentle beasts.

SOT, Hildegard Winkler, Elderly Home Resident: “They are full of love, the alpacas, and they really look for love from humans.”

The alpacas pay regular visits to the residents of Mana Wedell Tagesfliege and are warmly accepted.

Residents can pet alpacas, watch TV together, and just hang out with the furry creatures, even letting the alpacas eat from their hands, before the hard working animals make their next house call.

The alpaca handlers lead the calm critters around the care home, even riding the elevator with the alpacas from floor to floor.

Frau Hormann, the care home manager, was inspired to integrate alpacas into the care home operations after she saw the loving animals being used for therapy on TV.

SOT, Frau Hormann, Elderly Home Manager: “I saw an alpaca in an animal show on TV, and I was totally excited, so I did some more research about it and found out that they are often used as therapy animals, as they are very empathetic, as empathetic as dolphins. They are very good at adjusting themselves to humans and react very sensitively.”

Closely related to llamas, alpacas are domesticated camelids of the Suri breed and come from Peru.

When the alpacas are finished with their daily visits, they travel back to their enclosure, which is outside in the garden, for a well-deserved rest after a hard day’s work.

CCTV footage shows two alpacas being attacked by garden chairs in the northern English town of Haslingden. Two unknown male assailants entered the alpaca enclosure at the Danesmoor Nursing Home and launched chairs at the therapy animals. The alpacas took evasive maneuvers, but the two men relentlessly pursued the fluffy mammals and threw everything they could get their hands on. The two animals, Bill and Ben, have lived at the nursing home from their birth in 2010, and luckily were not injured in the attack.

Germany: This elderly care home spreads the love with ALPACAS!