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Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally

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I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van
Cause if you want the best ‘uns
And you don’t ask questions
Then brother I’m your man

Where it all comes from
Is a mystery
It’s like the changing of the seasons
And the tides of the sea
But heres the one thats driving me berserk
Why do only fools and horses work
La la lala – la la la la la (etc)

Chilean farmers Pedro and Lavinia Tenorio built an egg-stravagant 430 square foot coop to keep their dozens of chickens as happy as possible. It even comes with wood heating, LED lights and an innovative system to control odours. The concrete floor and the iron walls are covered with fiberglass to avoid moisture while a polycarbonate covered roof ensures lots of natural light and good ventilation.