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Goat Simulator Collectibles (Golden Goat Trophies) Locations in Goat City Bay – I Freaking Love Goats Achievement Guide

All gameplay recorded with – http://e.lga.to/360gametv

This guide shows you all 30 Collectibles (Golden Goat Trophies) on the Map called “Goat Ville” in the Goat Simulator Game.
All collectibles are saved immediately when picked up. There is a quest for collecting all 30, activate the quest in the pause menu and you can see how many golden goat trophies you have found. The Goat Simulator is a easy 1000 GS game (except the Flapmaster achievement). This game has no story or sense, you can do what you want with your goat. It is more a fun playground where you can do crazy things like licking a human, a car, a glider or climb on a crane with a goat. You can finish the game (earn all achievements) in 1-2h except the Flapmaster achievement.

00:09 – Golden Goat Statue #1
00:25 – Golden Goat Statue #2
00:37 – Golden Goat Statue #3
00:56 – Golden Goat Statue #4
01:10 – Golden Goat Statue #5
01:35 – Golden Goat Statue #6
02:12 – Golden Goat Statue #7
02:23 – Golden Goat Statue #8
02:31 – Golden Goat Statue #9
02:43 – Golden Goat Statue #10
03:00 – Golden Goat Statue #11
03:08 – Golden Goat Statue #12
03:23 – Golden Goat Statue #13
03:39 – Golden Goat Statue #14
03:48 – Golden Goat Statue #15
03:57 – Golden Goat Statue #16
04:10 – Golden Goat Statue #17
04:27 – Golden Goat Statue #18
05:10 – Golden Goat Statue #19
05:21 – Golden Goat Statue #20
05:41 – Golden Goat Statue #21
05:52 – Golden Goat Statue #22
06:06 – Golden Goat Statue #23
06:35 – Golden Goat Statue #24
06:56 – Golden Goat Statue #25
07:04 – Golden Goat Statue #26
07:30 – Golden Goat Statue #27
07:47 – Golden Goat Statue #28
07:59 – Golden Goat Statue #29
08:12 – Golden Goat Statue #30

Goat Simulator Playlist:


Achievements / Trophies:

I Freaking Love Goats
Find all collectibles on level 2

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the coolest thing in Starbound EVER! This is currently on the Nightly and it’s a new type of animal for your farm. You buy their eggs from the Terramart including the food to feed them , depending on what kind of food you feed them they’ll turn into Ice , Fire , Electric or a Poison Fluffalo , they will give you different crafting materials as harvestable and I’m hoping that they’ll also give milk in the future so they can be the Starbound cows! ALSO THEY LOOK LIKE GREAT POKEMON! ENJOY!