[Gruff] Videos

A stop-motion animation of the traditional Norwegian folk tale.

From PBS KIDS – Gramma will not let Red into the kitchen to get some extra special Red Velvet Cake – and it’s making Red extremely mad! The Super Readers head into the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, who really want to cross the Trolls bridge…only this time the Troll gets to tell his side of the story. The Super Readers wonder if anyone can make those rude Billy Goats Gruff behave, and Red figures out what Gramma needs to hear.

Three Billy Goats each meet a Troll.and BOOM POW SPLAT!\r
This KidTime StoryTime is based on an old folk tale from Norway dating back to 1841! Now THAT is what we call retro..\r
By Paul Galdone, who was born in Budapest, moved to the USA, served in WWII, and won awards for his kid books!

Heres another Golden Book Video Classic that used to be on YouTube (but is now being reuploaded by yours truly). This one is 3 Fairy Tale Classics.\r
Part three features the final story on the tape, the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Theres a rather nasty old troll living under the bridge in this one!\r
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