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An animal charity has released shocking footage of geese being force-fed at a French foie gras farm – in a bid to stop people buying the “cruel” food at Christmas. Animal Equality claim it filmed in secret while on a public tour of La Ferme Turnac in Domme near Toulouse in southern France in August. Footage shows farmers trapping the birds using a metal holder before shoving a long tube down their throats and pumping them full of food. In some clips the birds can be seen trying to pull away before they are trapped, and workers massaging their necks while forcing food into their stomachs.

More than 25 million ducks and geese are forced-fed every year. At just a few months old, ducks and geese are confined inside dark sheds and force-fed enormous amounts of food several times a day, until the point of death, before they are slaughtered. Then their swollen and diseased livers are peddled as a “”gourmet”” delicacy known as foie gras – the French term for “”fatty liver””.

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Force feeding geese for foie gras