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Apple Hill Farm – A place where animals talk and people listen. (Animal Sound) Apple Hill Farm is an Alpaca Farm that sits atop Valle Mountain on the site of a 45-year-old apple orchard. The remaining apple trees serve as the focal point for the property which is now home to alpacas, cats, chickens, dogs, donkeys, goats, horses, llamas and miniature donkeys. Magnificent mountain views, wooded footpaths, and landscaped gardens are the visual backdrop for the barns and animals, providing the ultimate picturesque setting for Apple Hill Farm’s animals and visitors. During the week we provide private tours and an up close and personal experience with our animals. Private guided tours are available for groups or individuals year round by appointment. The walking tour lasts an hour and a half and starts at the horse barn winding around the farm to visit the other barns and animal sheds. On Saturday we also give guided group tours starting at 2pm. After your tour don’t forget to check out the Apple Hill Farm Store featuring, clothing made from the alpaca fiber, arts and crafts from local artisans and a unique selection of gift items. The store is open during tour hours. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 828-963-1662 or visit our website at www.applehillfarmnc.com. Apple Hill Farm – A place where animals talk and people listen. Distributed by Tubemogul.

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA — A California rancher has been granted a permit to shoot a mountain lion believed to be the predator that killed dozens of farm animals last weekend in the mountains above Malibu.

However, following an outcry that was raised after news of the permit was published, rancher Victoria Vaughn-Perling says she now wants to help capture and relocate P-45, not kill him.

The mountain lion in question is a male named “P-45” by staff at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. He is the largest mountain lion to be tracked in the area since 2002.

The first attack left 10 alpacas dead at a ranch near Mulholland Highway at Decker Canyon Road on Saturday. The second incident happened on Sunday night at a nearby petting zoo, where an alpaca and a goat were killed.

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife granted Vaughn-Perling a 10-day permit to shoot and kill P-45. Under California law, the permit expires after that.

A neighbor told NBC Los Angeles he suspects that the cougar is killing the animals for sport instead of hunting for food. Many ranchers have shipped their livestock out of the area to avoid further attacks by P-45.

Officials at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area said eliminating P-45 does not solve the problem. They urged local residents to lion-proof their enclosures to prevent future attacks, 89.3 KPCC reported.