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Heading down the the Southwest to go on a quail hunt with Brett Browning and Kirby Bristow.


Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground

USDA Livestock Guarding Dogs Protecting Your Sheep

My Pet Chickens, Dogs, Rabbits and My Chicken Coop Tour

Finn, the golden retriever dog, was playing in the yard. He found some fake turkeys in the corner of the yard and got scared to go near them. Finally, Bo, the other dog, showed up and started ripping the turkeys off. They both ended up destroying all the turkeys.

Quail hunting is an exciting and demanding form of game bird hunting. Quail are small, fast flying birds, which means quick and accurate shooting is required – a real test for the hunters!

Training Trail horses with dogs and bridges (Tennessee Walking Horses)

shotgun rabbit hunt 20 and 12 gauge, 8 cottontail rabbits total no dogs

Pigs look into the camera in a stall of a pig farmer in Frankfurt, Germany, Tuesday, Oct. “There’s little doubt in my mind that if those were dogs in distress in that truck instead of pigs, my actions would be applauded and it would be the driver facing charges instead,” Anita Krajnc writes in the Guardian, describing pigs that were crowded in a transport truck in extreme heat, covered in their own feces, some of them foaming at the mouth or breathing as quickly as 180 breaths a minute.