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Plants vs Zombies 2 – Witch Hazel vs Chickens in Wild West | Big Brainz #7 Pinata Party October 5th, 2016\r
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Apple Mortar is a new premium plant of the 5.3.1 update.\r
Witch Hazel is a new premium plant of the upcoming Halloween 2016 event (which is currently scheduled to start on October 18th, 2016). She uses magical sorcery to transform zombies into Puff-shrooms, and into Toadstool when using plant food. Sun cost: 200.\r
Therere other unfinished plants:\r
– Parsnip: Snips at zombies, then charges. Sun cost: 150. This is a new plant of the Food Fight 2016 event (currently scheduled to start on November 15th, 2016).\r
– Missile Toe: Launches chilling blasts, s like Banana Launcher. Sun cost: 500. This is a new plant of the Feastivus 2016 event.

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By Katy Gill An autistic 11-year-old who reads to her therapy chickens insists it helps in the development of social skills, confidence building and self-esteem. Summer Farrelly who reads to her bird companions daily, says she reaps a range of benefits from it including character building, speech therapy and relaxation. Though the young innovator, from […]

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When I want a happy video, I watch the chooks.
(Chook is Aussie for chicken).
They’re always funny and always happy and always squabbling, and chasing off the wild birds.
I find them relaxing.

Political Chickens Podcast – 032 – SPECIAL: George Webb (1996) on CSPAN-TV: “How Crack Funded a CIA War”

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