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The #Polish or #Poland is a #European #breed of #chicken known for its crest of feathers. The oldest accounts of these birds come from The Netherlands; their …

Pigs in Space is a video game produced in 1983 for the Atari 2600 console. This was the last game in Atari’s Children’s line to be released. The game is a sequence of three mini-games, each starring one of the members of the Swinetrek crew.

In the “Chicken Invaders” mini-game, Captain Link Hogthrob throws sausages at rows of invading chickens before they can land on the planet Cluck. If an egg lands on Link, he turns into a chicken. He can also shoot Gonzo, who controls the chickens from his spaceship at the top of the screen.

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Ingredients Used,\r
1. Chicken\r
2. Curd\r
3. Green chili\r
4. Curry leaves \r
5. Ginger\r
6. Garlic\r
7. Coriander leaves\r
8. Healdi sticks\r
9. Cloves\r
10. Ceylon cinnamon \r
11. Cardamom \r
12. Cloves\r
13. Bay Leaves\r
14. Star anise\r
15. Kapok buds\r
16. Black stone flower\r
17. Salt\r
18. Oil\r
19. Eggs\r
20. Semolina\r
21. Bread crumbs \r
22. Sesame seeds\r
23. Chili powder\r
24. Pepper powder

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