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Miles de efectivos trabajan en las labores de extinción de los incendios que asolan desde hace semanas California.

Varios incendios forestales han arrasado miles de hectáreas en el norte del estado y han obligado a miles de estadounidenses a abandonar sus hogares ante el imparable avance del fuego

Come join the Diamond Celebration as Disneyland celebrates 60 years of being open. They opened July 1955!

Take a ride and spin around the streets of Toontown as you see the many adventures of Roger Rabbit.\r
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A video shared by the California Highway Patrol shows a group of geese getting an escort to safety.

Footage shows 500 terrified thoroughbred horses galloping for their lives after a popular horse training facility in San Diego County caught fire. Workers at the San Luis Rey Training Center were forced to release the racehorses after the stables went up in flames. In the confusion, horses ran in different directions. Most of the horses were evacuated to safety, but sadly, 25 reportedly died.

Take a Spin with Roger Rabbit in Night Vision on this Crazy Cab Ride. \r
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Officers with the California Highway patrol found and rescued chickens crossing Interstate 605 in Downey on Tuesday, January 2. According to the officers, 17 chickens were safely wrangled and taken into police custody without fowl play.

ABC 7 reported the chickens were caged when the cage fell off a truck. At one point, roughly 25 chickens were running through the interstate lanes.

In another CHP tweet, the highway patrol informed the public the owner of the loose chickens had until January 6 to claim the chickens, or anyone living in an area zoned for chickens may adopt them. Credit: CHP Sante Fe Springs via Storyful