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Transylvanian traditional work with buffaloes

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India’s traditional Kambala race sees buffaloes sprint through watery trenches in Karnataka.

Participants sprint through a field, which is normally either 132m or 142m, with two buffalo that are tethered together.

Initially, it was about getting the slushy paddy fields ready for sowing – the running buffaloes thoroughly churned the soil but it has since turned into a race.

In the past, the Kambala sport has attracted strong criticism from animal rights groups.

PETA had earlier approached the Karnataka High Court alleging Kambala involves cruelty to animals. The high court agreed and banned the sport, which led to mass outrage.

However, soon after, the state government passed an ordinance or executive order to allow it, subject to some conditions.

This footage was filmed on February 29.

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The Buffaloes : My Lovely Neighbors

Buffaloes form an orderly queue while waiting their turn to have a go on scratching post in Kruger National Park, South Africa on February 24.

Several buffaloes form a queue before rubbing against a tree stump to get rid of any out of reach itches.

The filmer told Newsflare: “Old bulls of this kind are very temperamental and known as one of Africa’s most dangerous animals.

“Buffalo bulls have killed more hunters in Africa than any other animal and many lions have lost their lives to these dangerous and very aggressive animals.

“After the bulls enjoyed a drink of water, something in their behaviour struck me as very surprising.

“One buffalo bull made his way to a wooden stump, that is used as a rubbing post, and started scratching his neck. Right behind him, the other two bulls formed an orderly queue.”

Lion killing Cape buffalo Part 2|Lions Attack On Herd Of Buffaloes And Wildebeest In Masai Mara River And Kruger National Park Africa

Lion killing Cape Buffalo Lions Attack On Herd Of Buffaloes And Wildebeest In Masai Mara River And Kruger National Park Africa