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Watch Narendra Modi About Pakistani Spy Pigeon Tezabi Totay 2015

Gole Pigeon Race (200 Pigeons), delhi, India


Taklaci Güvercin 30 Takla Mardin Kürt Pigeon Kurdish

Cinca (pronounced Chinka), Zorra and Apollo her calf. Whenever Cinca and Apollo see me, they curl their tails over their back. They LOVE their faces to be scratched and loved on :)

Me and my sister doing a lip sync to The Water Buffalo Song, a silly song from Veggietales, in double speed.

Erika, Mary, Jared, and our guest star, Halle, perform the Water Buffalo Song which was originally performed on the Veggie Tales episode, Wheres God When Im Scared. This version is by Superchick! We apologize for the bad lighting, but in some spots it made some unintentional cool effects. Also, were sorry about the random flashes of green. I dont even know what caused that.