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Little Dog and Goats Playing Together

Goats Yelling Like Humans – Super Cut Compilation

So maybe we spoil our goat kids a little in the 8 weeks before they go to their new homes as pets and future milking goats. But, who doesn’t want to spend a cold rainy day inside in Pajamas? Winifred and Monty who are 3 week old Nigerian Dwarf Goat siblings think it’s a great idea to stay inside the barn and play! The only thing cuter than goat kids is baby goats in pajamas! Goats have zero interest in letting even one rain drop touch their heads, so these little ones enjoyed their time out, but decided to stay inside the barn! I’m pretty sure they both actually shook their head, NO! when they looked outside at the rain! Stay warm everyone! Summer is coming!

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Cute Baby Pygmy Goats Compilation
Everyone sometimes need some cute goat video to brighten their day. These cute pygmy goat kids will make you smile.

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Couldn’t find a compilation of goat videos anywhere (or any good ones) so I decided to make one myself :) I don’t own these videos so thanks to the rightful owners:

(In order of appearance)

1. ‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ – simsdelux1
2. ‘Talking goat’ – jessblue75
3. ‘Funny Goat.flv’ – MrKain134
4. ‘Funny Crazy Goat’ noatal83

another funny video (Quit your job dressed as a banana —

and teacher knockout students

In this funny animal compilation tune in to see some hilarious goats in some hysterical moments.


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Ducks win the Stanley Cup
Need new clothes ?

Oregon Ducks Football 2016-2017 Pump Up -Unfinished Business- HD
Oregon Ducks Football 2016-2017 Pump Up -Unfinished Business- HD
Oregon Ducks Football 2016-2017 Pump Up -Unfinished Business- HD
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