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RABBITS CAN SWIM? ✿ Magic Talking Doc McStuffins and Clinic ✿ SLIDE & SPLASH
Have you ever wondered if rabbits can swim? Magic Talking Pet Vet Doc McStuffins has a pool in her Clinic. After she checks a patient she lets him or her slide down her magic slide into a pool. All her patients love to splash in the pool, but what about our little rabbit Zap? Will he swim?
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An amusing video has emerged of a remarkably organised family of geese crossing a road at a zebra crossing.

The footage, captured near Dumfried, Scotland, shows the animals obeying the green cross code while motorists wait for them to cross.

“When leaving a service station at the weekend before getting on the motorway I was presented with a flock of geese using the zebra crossing very efficiently! My mind was pretty blown. Very organised geese,” the filmer wrote online.

After successful, but tough goose and duck hunting in 2011-2012, we set out to build on season 1. Last year we focused on telling the story behind the hunt. This year will be no different, but in addition, we will go more in-depth with why the hunt was a success. The reasons behind limit filled hunts are often the same day after day. Our duck hunting and goose hunting videos are going to focus solely on a single topic, break it down, and explain it.

This year, we’ve added a couple new Illinois hunters to the Fowled Reality team and we’ve also teamed up with Muddy Dog Outdoors. They offer an expanding line of waterfowl hunting products that includes custom lanyards, calls, decoys, and blinds. Muddy Dog Outdoors has everything for your waterfowl hunting needs.

Our videos this year will showcase hunts from all across the Mississippi and Central Flyways. We’ve traveled the country chasing the migration. We’ll showcase hunts from Canada, North Dakota, Missouri, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and in our home state of Illinois. From limits of dry field Mallards, big water divers, barrel rolling Specklebellies, and vortexes of Snow Geese, we’ll have it all over the course of the next three months.

After a long deer season, it is time to get after some honkers. Missouri is in one of the great flyways for waterfowl, so the “Heartland Bowhunter” guys take advantage of the wintering geese. They soon find out that bow-hunting geese is a lot easier said then done.

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