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WE’RE BACK!!! The CineFix Team returns from their vacations, and they’re really to talk movies. Because we’re so refreshed from our time off, we’re talking today about recent trends in movies that really annoy the sh*t out of us!

From too many sequels and remakes to too much Jai f*cking Courtney, each of us will share a few trends in modern filmmaking that we’ve noticed… and hope will go away as soon as possible.

We hope we did Brian the camera guy proud today:

Nothing escapes our notice: product placement, stupid pop culture references, and beleaguered cereal metaphors.

So, what’s grinding your gears? Twisting your sphincter? Crushing your Crunchberries? Do you mind the ever expanding number of Expanded Universe movies? Do you think the exposition in Jurassic World was too heavy-handed?

Let us know in the comments below!

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