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Metal Hammer UK Review

Sounding like Seasick Steve, the track opens with an Americana-inspired acoustic guitar and foot-stomp. Mansons voice soon joins the ensemble along with synth strings reminiscent of Coma White. The track keeps you anticipating a massive chorus as the chorus bridge teases you with what we all love huge searing soaring Manson screams and ma-hoo-sive guitars. The track builds from the bottom up, with layers being added and added, only to be stripped down again. Fucking, tease. Manson has always been good at autobiographical catharsis by spinning an extended metaphor (dare we say concept) Its less clear here what that might be, but the lyrics Everyone will come to my funeral to make sure Im dead hint at a faux-persecution complex (though Mansons history of complex narrative, allegory and irony itll be nearly impossible to tell until he tells us). Sadly the massive money-shot climax never happens and the track just fades into amp feedback and disappears. Sonically this is another step forward for Manson, but musically the song lacks the peaks we crave.